Lime Set to Unveil Innovative Electric Motorbike with Pilot Program in Long Beach


Exciting developments are underway at Lime with the unveiling of their latest electric motorbike initiative. 

As a global frontrunner in scooter rentals, Lime has carved a niche for eco-friendly urban travel with their compact scooters, catering to commuters favoring quick trips over driving. 

The sustainable transportation firm recently declared the debut of its latest model, the “Lime Citra,” within its electric moped lineup. This fresh addition will undergo trials in Long Beach, California with several hundred units slated for the pilot phase. Currently, Lime has no plans to conduct trials elsewhere. 

Earlier in the year, the company quietly ceased its moped-sharing services in Washington, D.C. and New York City, signaling a shift towards electric motorbikes with reduced speed capabilities, suitable for bike lanes as opposed to main roads. This pivot could explain the phasing out of the prior mopeds, which topped speeds of 30 mph. 

Electric motorbike

Lime’s new venture is designed to resonate with a wider audience, particularly aiming to entice female riders, addressing concerns that traditional scooters lack aesthetic appeal for women. Lime’s Senior Director of Corporate Communications, Russell Murphy, expressed the company’s aspirations to attract a female clientele with the motorbike’s accessible, ground-hugging design and robust structure that offers perceived security without the heftiness of a moped. 

The addition of these electric motorbikes promises convenience for those looking to cover shorter distances without resorting to car travel. 

Lime Citra’s Key Features

The Lime Citra stands out for multiple reasons. Notably, its electric design provides an eco-conscious alternative to fossil fuels, a boon in the era of escalating fuel costs. 

Capping at a speed of 20 mph, the Lime Citra is not intended for long-distance or high-speed travel, yet offers a reasonable 30-mile range per charge. Its resemblance to a traditional bicycle, complete with a generously cushioned seat but without pedals, constitutes a distinctive aesthetic. Navigation is effortless via throttle control, and the model sports both front and rear lighting systems. 

The electric motorbike is also equipped with signal indicators for turning, enhancing on-road safety. Riders can take advantage of the rear storage trunk for secure item transport. Weighing approximately 330 pounds, the Lime Citra boasts a 750W motor with a 1200W peak power delivery, ensuring a robust yet lightweight ride. 

Wrapping Up

Lime’s electric motorbike emerges as a timely solution to the pressing fuel cost crisis, offering an appealing and sustainable mode of transport to a diverse range of users. Its practicality in urban environments could herald a new chapter in city mobility. 

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