Unlocking iPhone Secrets: Tips to Master Your iOS Device


Step up your Apple device game with these savvy tricks.

iOS harbors many untapped capabilities that enhance customization and productivity, while also mitigating common nuisances. If you’re feeling like you haven’t quite harnessed the full power of your iPhone, this detailed guide on lesser-known iPhone gems is for you.

Accelerate Your Charging with a Simple Trick

Waiting for a sluggish charge can be maddening. To boost charging speeds, engage Airplane Mode. This ceases non-essential phone functions (like notifications and GPS) that otherwise consume power during charging. The boost may be slight, but it’s a worthy hack for a quicker charge.

Learn other strategies to keep your smartphone battery going strong for the long haul.

Web Address Shortcuts Simplified

Need to pull up a website in a flash? Try this shortcut:

Shave off precious seconds by long-pressing the period key when entering a web address in Safari. This pops up a selection of domain suffixes, speeding up your typing. And a bonus tip: your iPhone keyboard can transform into a trackpad.

hidden apps and features on iPhone

iPhones are akin to a treasure trove of secrets! There’s a plethora of features Cloverfield in iOS that many Apple aficionados are yet to discover.

Uncover the Tracking Details of Your iPhone

It might come as a surprise, but your iPhone keeps tabs on every location you visit. Intrigued? Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations for insights into your whereabouts. If you find it unsettling, ‘Clear History’ and toggle off Frequent Locations to stop tracking.

Bear in mind that Facebook might be monitoring you too. Learn how to safeguard your privacy. Additionally, multi-touch gestures aren’t just for browser or photo zooming – use them to swiftly close multiple apps and maintain a briskly performing iPhone.

Capture Handsfree Snaps

An old tip yet eternally useful: capture photos using your iPhone’s volume buttons to avoid covering the display with overzealous fingers on the touchscreen. For an even less hands-on approach, the volume controls on connected headphones will do the trick too.

Save Data by Restricting Certain Apps

Is your monthly data vanishing before the month’s end? Don’t curb your Netflix binge just yet. Prioritize which apps get data and which must wait for Wi-Fi. Dive into Settings > Mobile Data and dictate terms app-by-app.

Retrieving Hidden Apps Effortlessly

Ever tucked away an app and then struggled to find it? Here’s the roadmap to uncover hidden apps on your iPhone:

  • Swipe to the rightmost home screen.
  • Spot the search bar atop saying “App Library” – tap it.
  • Easily find the app you concealed, or type its name in the search bar.
  • Once located, press, hold and drag the app to the left to restore it to your home screen.
  • Position it as you see fit and it’s all set – revealed once more on your home screen.

Final Remarks

While iPhone hacks may not always make headlines, this article sets out to illuminate these nifty features for iPhone enthusiasts. Looking to maximize your iOS experience? These tips, both new and old, have got you covered.

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