Google Merges Meet and Duo into a Unified Communication Platform


Merging of Messaging Services: Google’s latest move involves the fusion of Meet and Duo into a singular application. This development has been officially confirmed by Google, indicating that the two services will soon operate under the name Google Meet. The unification represents a significant shift for the tech giant.

Details of this amalgamation were publicized on a recent Wednesday. The exact launch date remains unspecified, but the transition is expected to commence in the coming weeks. The end product will see the two existing platforms come together under the new Google Meet branding.

Google’s objective is to streamline the user experience, making it more intuitive by amalgamating its communication tools into a central hub.

A statement from Google read: “In the near future, we are planning to introduce all of Meet’s functionality within the Duo app, so individuals can schedule video gatherings when suitable for all participants or maintain the utilization of video calls to instantly reach out to someone or a group. Later in the year, we’ll transition the Duo app to Google Meet, establishing it as the singular solution for video communication across Google, accessible to all users free of charge.”

Introduced in 2016, Google Duo has provided an efficient platform geared towards facilitating group video chats, supporting up to 32 participants concurrently. In contrast, Google Meet emerged in 2017, focusing on video conferencing complete with screen sharing facilities for over 100 participants.

As indicated on Google’s blog, there will be a migration of all features from the Google Meet platform to Google Duo. Subsequently, the unified service will operate under the Google Meet label.

So, what can current users of Google’s communication platforms expect? If you’ve been relying on Meet or Duo for your personal or team video interactions, here are some key points to bear in mind:

1) Whether you presently use Meet or Duo, both services and their features will remain accessible within the revamped app post-launch.

2) The new platform will expand the video call limit to 100 participants for Google Duo users, extending beyond the current limit of 32.

3) There will also be an added functionality for scheduling video meetings at everyone’s convenience rather than initiating an immediate call.

4) The ability to customize virtual backdrops for a more robust meeting experience will be included.

5) Furthermore, users will gain access to the Meet feature which permits content sharing during active calls.

Dave Citron, the director of video products at Google, praised the Duo app for its technological sophistication, especially in areas with inconsistent network service, and Google aims to preserve this high standard while introducing Meet’s features.

Final Thoughts

Google has made a strategic decision to centralize its communication platforms by merging Meet and Duo into a single application named Google Meet, with the transition set to occur in the weeks ahead.

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