Apple’s Next-Level Augmented Reality Unveils the RoomPlan API for Groundbreaking Interior Redesigns


The latest brainchild of Apple’s Swift API, RoomPlan, is a game-changer in augmented reality, providing innovative tools for visualizing and planning interior layouts. The newest ARKit enhancement utilized by Apple Inc., is not only exciting for technology enthusiasts but also serves as an invaluable resource for interior decorators, creative installers, and building designers.

RoomPlan API

Apple’s breakthrough in Augmented Reality introduces RoomPlan API.

RoomPlan – Your Key to a Revolutionary Home Makeover

At the acclaimed WWDC 2022 event hosted at Apple Park, Apple Inc. showcased their latest innovation, RoomPlan API. The demonstration revealed an impressive suite of features that undoubtedly sets this tool apart. Its use cases span across various mobile applications.

Understanding RoomPlan’s Functionality

The fresh buzz in the tech sphere stems from RoomPlan’s ability to streamline the interior design process with augmented reality. This formidable tool enables you to plan a room’s transformation without moving a single item. Imagine visualizing your space with new furniture arrangements or color schemes without any physical effort—RoomPlan’s API turns this vision into a virtual reality.

Shopify Roomplan API Apple AR

Shopify draws mobile app users with the ingenious Space Eraser feature.

What Makes Shopify’s Demo Application Stand Out?

Shopify, the prominent Canadian e-commerce platform, recently unveiled an impressive demo. The adroit application effortlessly delivers a pristine view of your space—sans furniture—as you embark on your home decor shopping journey, made possible by the specialized RoomPlan tool. Shopify, along with other applications, is exploring how to best integrate this cutting-edge technology into their online services.

For the past five years, IKEA strove to offer a similar feature based on Apple’s ARKit, but their attempts only yielded two-dimensional results. In contrast, Shopify’s mastery of Apple’s RoomPlan API has achieved far more detailed three-dimensional images. They have incorporated a feature dubbed the “reset button” within their app.

The mastermind behind Shopify’s innovation, Russ Maschmeyer, described the Space Eraser as a tool that “models spaces with high precision, capturing each object’s dimensions and orientation.” The end result is nearly indistinguishable from a “lifelike digital twin that can be superimposed on your actual space using AR, and edited digitally.”

While it’s presently a prototype that’s causing a stir, we promise to provide you with timely updates on its progression. Brace for a bit more anticipation, as the feature is currently available only to developers. It is anticipated to function harmoniously with not just upcoming iPhone models but also with iPads.

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Apple’s Next-Level Augmented Reality Unveils the RoomPlan API for Groundbreaking Interior Redesigns

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