LG Unveils the ‘Entertainment Sovereign’: A High-Tech OLED TV-Integrated Lounger


LG Electronics, a titan in the field of electronics hailing from South Korea, has introduced its latest innovation: a sophisticated TV-lounger combo dubbed the ‘entertainment sovereign’.

Sporting a reclining function that maintains constant eye level for optimal viewing, this groundbreaking design is set to take center stage at CES 2022 if the current increase in Omicron cases doesn’t halt the proceedings.

Numerous prominent firms have already withdrawn from the event due to the escalating spread of the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

Tailored to delight individuals who cherish their armchair and TV time, this luxurious piece of furniture encloses a state-of-the-art 55-inch curved OLED screen by LG Display. This chair represents the zenith of a private viewing experience.

From the released images, it’s clear that the chair is crafted for the comfort of a single viewer, lending itself perfectly to solitary living or gaming devotees. It’s an exceptional setup for next-gen consoles such as the PS5 and Xbox series.

CES 2022

The sleek OLED panel sports a 1500R curvature, which LG has dubbed the “optimal focal distance” to enhance the pleasure of your viewing experience. The screen can toggle between portrait and landscape orientations effortlessly. An additional highlight is that it retains a steady eye level no matter the position; the screen gracefully follows the chair’s recline, ensuring an unaltered viewing angle.

This concept by LG Display ingeniously uses the OLED screen as the audio output, generating sound through vibration of its surface, in a fashion akin to Sony’s A90J television models.

While the concept is captivating, it doesn’t necessarily cater to all. Designed for solo use, the 55-inch screen offers an immersive experience but may be overwhelming when viewed from up close.

Curved screens aren’t novel in the market, though their uptake has been lukewarm since they tend to be less than ideal off-angle – however, they are a hit among gamers, largely due to the solitary nature of the gaming setup.

Even if it surpasses the solo experience, such a lavish item would come with a hefty price tag, rendering it a distant dream for the average consumer.

Companies like LG frequently showcase visionary concepts which might never hit the markets. LG Display has teased the possibility of collaboration with a Korean massage chair manufacturer to include a soothing massage feature. While this might never become a mainstream product, the idea of such a specialized entertainment hub is quite enticing.

LG’s premium OLED models were once deemed out of reach for many, with initial offers like their rolling display concept starting at $100,000. However, prices for certain models have since decreased, dipping below the $1,000 threshold, indicating a potential for wider accessibility in the future.

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