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Apple has unveiled a revolutionary toolkit named VisionOS, designed to empower developers globally to create immersive and interactive experiences tailored for the Vision Pro. The comprehensive Vision Pro Software Development Kit (SDK) will be accessible for at least twelve months ahead of the Vision Pro headset’s official release in the US market, with a price tag of $3,500.

The Vision Pro stands as the pioneer in spatial computing, integrating VisionOS to foster user interaction with digital environments through the most intuitive means—gestures, gaze, and vocal commands.

Developers utilizing Apple Vision Pro’s spatial technology will be equipped to merge limitless virtual spaces within the Vision Pro, creating a new tier of spatial computing applications and digital experiences that seamlessly fuse with the physical world. With these developer tools at hand, they can craft cutting-edge applications for a broad spectrum of uses, from entertainment and design to workflows and beyond.

Apple counts on the enthusiasm of its developer network to generate buzz for the system, especially following the tempered interest from its initial showcase at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) earlier in the month.

Unleashing Spatial Creativity with Apple Vision Pro SDK

Despite the long-standing challenges in augmented and virtual reality content creation, Apple has set its sights on a fully-stocked App Store well before the system’s anticipated launch next year.

Starting this July, Apple will open the doors to its developer labs for Vision Pro SDK in premier tech hubs, including Cupertino, Munich, London, Singapore, Tokyo, and Shanghai. These labs will offer creators the opportunity to trial their applications on the Vision Pro hardware, alongside guidance from Apple’s specialist engineers. Additionally, these tools will support teams in their development and refinement processes for Vision Pro-compatible apps.

One primary concern for developers has been the scarce opportunity to engage with the highly-priced, yet-to-launch hardware in person. 

“The Apple Vision Pro is a game-changer for the future of computing platforms. Using robust frameworks developers are already familiar with, they can embark on creating visionOS applications and envision entirely new experiences for users.”

Apple envisions that crafting spatial experiences with the Vision Pro will unlock unprecedented prospects for developers, allowing them to conceive novel ways to enhance user productivity, enjoyment, and connectivity. The developer labs for Vision Pro SDK aim to cover an array of immersive content possibilities, including depth and 3D windows, multidimensional volumes for content viewing from all angles, and unbounded spaces for expansive 3D creations. 

The visionOS SDK stands atop existing operating systems, utilizing well-established developers’ tools such as Xcode, RealityKit, SwiftUI, TestFlight, and ARKit. 

“Manufacturers can now harness AR technology to tackle pressing business challenges by bringing interactive 3D content to life—ranging from individual products to entire production landscapes.”

Predefined system settings initiate apps into the Shared Space, whereas apps can employ windows and volumes for content presentation. The Full Space domain is for unrestricted 3D content creation, paving the way toward immersive experiences. 

Examples of applications developed using the Apple Vision Pro SDK include Complete HeartX and Djay. The Complete HeartX application utilizes the SDK’s tools to assist medical students in their practice with ultra-realistic 3D animations and models, allowing them to visualize heart conditions like ventricular fibrillation and apply their learning. Djay offers a magnificent environment for both neophytes and seasoned DJs to engage with their music mixes dynamically. 

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