Everything You Need to Know About Apple’s Rumored 15-Inch MacBook Air


Anticipation is building for what may be the next big release from Apple—a MacBook Air that possibly boasts a 15-inch screen.

Despite the fact that the latest MacBook Air model introduced at WWDC has yet to hit shelves, buzz about an even more expansive version has begun to spread like wildfire online.

Sources hint at a possible launch later in the year, suggesting subtle but impactful enhancements for this upcoming device.

Sneak Peek into the Anticipated 15-Inch MacBook Air

Despite sharing its lineage with the current model, the rumored 15-inch version is set to stand out with distinctive alterations.

Magnified Dimensions

True to its moniker, the projected 15-inch MacBook Air would stretch two inches beyond its 2022 predecessor. Although not quite reaching the MacBook Pro’s 16-inch stature, insiders suggest a precise 15.2-inch display, making it a sweet spot for those desiring more screen real estate without moving to the Pro model.

Visuals and Display

Rumors keep expectations in check, indicating that the 15-inch MacBook Air’s display attributes might mirror the 2022 model. Those hoping for mini-LED technology might have to look towards the MacBook Pro instead, but the new Air’s larger display remains an attractive upgrade.

Mac Air 15 inch

Aesthetic and Functional Design

Expect a design reminiscent of the 2022 model, with maybe a few nods to the MacBook Pro’s influence. Speculated features include a high-definition 1080p camera and a refined speaker system, neatly packaged with the familiar keyboard, function keys, and a MagSafe connector for charging.

Processing Prowess

Substantial advancements may define the new MacBook Air’s processing capabilities. Eminent analyst Ming-Chi Kuo hints at a potential revolutionary 15-inch notebook in the works for a 2023 debut, sparking conversations about the inclusion of both M2 and M2 Pro chips—the former anticipated within the imminent 2022 MacBook Air, delivering an 8-core GPU, while the latter remains shrouded in mystery.

Timelines and Teasers

Despite rampant speculation, Apple has maintained silence on the existence and potential release of the 15-inch MacBook Air. Tech analysts, including Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, predict a Spring 2023 launch, with others, like Kuo, aiming for the second quarter, reinforcing the general expectation of a 2023 release.

A Glimpse at Pricing

The pricing for the presumptive MacBook Air remains under wraps, though by contrast, the upcoming 2022 model is rumored at around $1,199. As such, one could speculate an increment anywhere between $100 to $500 for its larger cousin.

Summing Up the Future of MacBook Air

With the technological landscape constantly evolving, Apple stands poised to potentially unveil a 15-inch MacBook Air, offering the familiarity of its current model on a grander canvas—although specifics remain in the realm of speculation for the time being.

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