Ford Slashes Electric F-150 Lightning Pro’s Price Tag


Ford is at the forefront of the automotive sector’s shift to electrification with models like their electric F-150 Lightning being trailblazers. Launched in 2021, Ford has been eager to make this innovative truck more accessible to consumers by reducing its cost.

Recently, Ford announced a significant price reduction, nearly $10,000 on its F-150 Lightning range, becoming a formidable contender within the electric vehicle market.

Strategic Production Advances Cut Ford’s Battery Costs

Amid supply chain challenges and rising battery material costs which previously led to incremental price hikes for the F-150 Lightning, Ford’s strategic investment in EV production and dedication to improving efficiency have now begun to bear fruit under CEO Jim Farley’s leadership.

With more streamlined access to battery components and upgrades at its production plant in suburban Detroit, Ford is able to pass on savings to customers through price reductions.

Ford’s ramp-up in manufacturing will soon see a threefold boost once the Dearborn, Michigan plant’s final improvements are concluded, setting the stage to craft 150,000 trucks annually.

Price Adjustment Reflects Ford’s Market Strategy

The reception to Ford’s pricing strategy has been overwhelmingly positive. From its base models to the luxurious Platinum trim, prices are set to drop by at least $6,000 from the rates set earlier in the year.

These revisions now position the most affordable F-150 Lightning proximate to the average new car price of $47,490, marking an impactful step in making EVs more wallet-friendly.

Competitors like Tesla’s Cybertruck and Rivian’s R1T pickups, priced starting at $50,000 and $73,000, respectively, now face increased competition from the more attractively priced F-150 Lightning.

Pro Model Leads in Price Reduction among F-150 Lightning Trims

The Pro trim, being the most accessible version, benefits from the steepest price cut of $9,979, now retailing at $49,995. Here’s a detail of the updated pricing across different models:

  • The XLT 311A at $54,995 (a savings of $9,479)
  • The XLT 312A at $59,995 (a reduction of $8,479)
  • The XLT 312A Extended Range at $69,995 (trimmed by $8,879)
  • The Lariat 510A at $69,995 (cut down by $6,979)
  • The Lariat Extended Range now at $77,495 (a decrease of $8,479)

Additionally, these prices come before the potential federal tax credits of up to $7,500 for electric vehicle purchasers.

Rivalry Heats Up as Ford Eyes Tesla and Rivian’s Market Share

By lowering the cost of the F-150 Lightning, Ford takes an assertive step toward carving a larger share of the EV market, currently dominated by Tesla and newcomers like Rivian. Despite the F-150’s enduring legacy as a combustion engine best-seller, Ford’s electric iteration aims to maintain its top seller status.

Industry analysts view the price reduction as both a response to softening demand for high-end EVs and a strategic gambit to dramatically boost sales volumes in the coming years.

Ford’s ambitious target is to hit an annual production capacity of 150,000 units by fall.

While some see this significant pricing move as indicative of a nascent price war in the EV domain, it also illustrates Ford’s commitment to making the F-150 Lightning a cornerstone of their electrified fleet, competing vigorously with other electric pickups in the space.

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