Buzzing Speculation: Sony’s Anticipated ‘PS5 Pro Controller’ Set for Unveiling


Industry whisperings suggest Sony may be on the verge of unveiling an upgraded PS5 Pro controller. 

Dissatisfaction has arisen among a faction of enthusiasts regarding certain functionalities omitted from the latest PlayStation 5 controller, known as DualSense. Notably, specific distinctive elements that were present in the former model, DualShock 4, were missing in the new iteration. 

Whispers within the gaming community indicate that Sony might be planning to unveil a PlayStation 5 pro controller to address these customer desires. However, there’s been no official word from Sony, leaving room for the possibility that these whispers are mere speculation. 

This article delves into the leaked information surrounding these Sony whispers. 

Anticipation Builds for the PS5 Pro Controller

Tom Henderson, a name reputable in industry circles, has hinted at the imminent launch of a PS5 Pro Controller codenamed “Hunt.” He alluded that the unveiling could occur anytime in June, July, or “Soon.” 

Allegedly, this controller will mimic the DualSense’s design. It’s expected to bear a similar aesthetic and tactile experience as its predecessor. However, it’ll incorporate features heavily requested by the community. 

It’s also worthwhile to note that this speculation comes prior to Sony’s anticipated hardware and software developments. Whether the wireless switch controller will debut alongside the new hardware remains uncertain, yet the prospect remains tantalizing. 

PlayStation 5 controller PS5 Pro Controller

The rumored PS5 Pro controller is touted to feature adaptable buttons beneath the analogue sticks, allowing players to swap them out as needed. This level of customization brings a new edge to gameplay with its removable analogue sticks. 

Moreover, the gaming community’s feedback on the absence of rear button paddles—a staple of the DualShock 4—appears to be recognized. Rumors claim that the PS5 Pro controller will reincorporate this fan-favorite component, coupled with the potential inclusion of detachable grips for enhanced ergonomics, though they can be stripped away if preferred. 

There’s no clarity yet on whether the new PS5 Pro controller will maintain compatibility with the PS4 and PCs. Nonetheless, the vibrational nuances of the PS5’s signature Sony DualSense are expected to persist, offering gamers a deeply immersive experience. 

Should the rumor mill prove accurate, it could signal that Sony is earnestly tuning into its customer base and striving to fulfill their requests. 

Wrapping Up 

The speculative Sony PS5 Pro Controller promises features that are coveted by the gaming populace, who await with anticipation that the gossip bears fruit. 

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