A New Chapter Unfolds: User Doubts Surge as Twitter Mulls ‘X’ Mark Rebrand


The start of a fresh week brings with it a wave of headlines featuring Elon Musk, as he unveils yet another potentially divisive alteration to the social media juggernaut he acquired for a staggering sum of $44 billion – a rebrand of Twitter’s name itself. Musk, in a series of tweets that caught the social realm by storm, disclosed plans to retire Twitter’s familiar blue bird emblem in favor of a bold new ‘X’.

Twitter To Adopt ‘X’ Moniker: A Bold Move After 15 Years Of Digital History

Musk’s decision to rechristen Twitter as X seems in line with his affections for the letter, given his past ventures. The tech magnate indicated a rollout of the name change globally as early as next Monday, shortly after midnight ET.

The billionaire, better known for leading Tesla, once owned a startup named X.com, now PayPal, and oversees the renowned SpaceX. In his tweets, Musk explained his acquisition of Twitter as a stepping stone towards creating X, the app designed to be a one-stop-shop for everything.

With Linda Yaccarino, a former NBC Universal executive now at Twitter’s helm as CEO, the name change was proposed as an opportunity to revolutionize user interaction on the platform.

“Receiving a second chance to make a first impression is overwhelmingly rare. Twitter has redefined our dialogue, and X is set to further morph the global dialogue dynamic.” 

The vision for X encompasses creating an extensive communication network where users can engage through text, audio, video, and even access integrated payments and banking services.

Mixed Emotions Met With Twitter’s Logo Transformation

Twitter’s community has aired their mixed feelings over the platform’s proposed name change. Given Twitter’s association with the act of ‘tweeting’, users are puzzled by what the new vernacular will be.

For nearly two decades, Twitter has competed as a leading social media network, outside Meta’s cluster of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and others like WeChat, Reddit, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat. Many loyal users have voiced frustration about the ongoing changes since Musk’s takeover, which they view as detrimental.

Amidst 2022, Tesla and SpaceX board members were concerned Musk’s attention was scattered due to his new engagement with Twitter. His approach since taking the helm has sparked a decline in Twitter’s revenue, caused advertisers and users to reconsider their presence on the platform, and led to a drastic 75% cut in the workforce in an attempt to stave off bankruptcy.

Musk’s implementation of a $8-per-month charge for Twitter Blue, and the more recent limitations on tweet read counts, have pushed users’ patience to its limits.

“Your missteps are monumental. Witnessing billions of dollars squandered in such a clumsy manner is unprecedented. You had the potential to enact global good but chose to take a recognized brand, altered it wholesale, including its name – the very essence of your purchase. Building afresh would have been vastly more economical and effective.”

Musk seems almost eager to provoke criticism, perhaps seeking to perpetually keep himself in the media’s gaze.

Contrastingly, some users are excited by Twitter’s radical overhaul and name change, viewing it as a fresh slate. Under Musk, Twitter’s brief period of ‘free speech’ expansion won some approval. These users anticipate that Musk will craft a distinct legacy by fully transforming the platform.

“Living through this era at X feels remarkable. Every decision, code line, and interaction is weaving into our complex heritage. This journey isn’t merely about creating a service; it’s about etching an enduring legacy.”

The new Twitter branding and logo shift coincide with the debut of Meta’s Threads app – an emerging competitor identified as a Twitter surrogate.

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