Upcoming Apple TV 2022: Revolutionary Features in Apple’s Latest Streaming Marvel


Apple TV has become a staple for media enthusiasts, consistently delivering a seamless streaming experience. The much-anticipated new version of Apple TV is set to elevate home entertainment with its state-of-the-art technology.

The forthcoming Apple TV promises a sleek redesign and enhanced functionalities that will include crystal-clear 4K playback, a fresh update to its operating system, and a suite of other compelling improvements.

Initial Insights

Slated for release later in the year, the new Apple TV aims to be a commercially viable option for a broad audience. Here’s a roundup of what you can anticipate from the next evolution of this device.

Refreshing the Remote: The New Siri Remote

The future Siri remote is poised to surprise us once again, building on the success of its aluminum-crafted predecessor.

Buzz around the tech world suggests a revamp for the upcoming Siri remote. Despite the sophistication of the current Apple TV 4K’s metal remote, it missed certain beloved features, like the gaming-friendly sensors. This absence made external controllers a necessity for serious gamers.

new apple tv release

Enthusiasts are hopeful for a comeback of these gaming capabilities in the new remote, possibly complemented by a “Find My” function to retrieve it when misplaced. Speculation suggests this remote could bear the name “Siri Remote4,” mentioned by an informer known as Aaron.

Aesthetic and Technological Leap: Design and Processor Enhancements

Rumors hint a makeover is in store for the upcoming Apple TV’s exterior. Over its lifespan, there have been minimal shifts in Apple TV’s physical design. However, this time around, forecasts are ripe with the possibility for something more dramatic.

Whispers also suggest the integration of a powerful A14 bionic chip, potentially outperforming all predecessors. Given that previous models, like the Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD, used A12 and A10X chips, anticipation for stellar gaming performance is high. Moreover, a bump in RAM to 4GB is expected.

Next-gen Operating System: tvOS 16

The upcoming device is expected to be energized by “tvOS 16,” a new operating system currently in the beta stage for developers, with a public beta promised for July. This forthcoming software is set to introduce more user-friendly enhancements, better device synergy, and other innovative tricks.

Potential Launch Window

Exact timing for the Apple TV’s release remains up in the air, but the tech community is abuzz with predictions. Bloomberg’s pundit, Mark Gurman, proposed that the new model is under active development and might make its debut anytime soon. Meanwhile, a consensus suggests a launch in the latter half of the year.

Finer Pricing Strategy

There are whispers that Apple may introduce its latest streaming gem at a more budget-friendly price, possibly to stay competitive with household names like Roku and Chromecast, whose offerings span the $50-$100 range. In comparison, the standing Apple TV 4K falls between $179 and $199, depending on storage preferences. Thus, a more attractive price point is anticipated.

Apple’s commitment to enhancing user experiences remains unwavering. With the dawn of the new Apple TV, a fresh chapter in streaming innovation beckons.

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