Twitter’s New ‘X’ Emblem Faces Legal Scrutiny Under Elon Musk


The spotlight once again shines on Twitter—now branded ‘X’—with its maverick leader, Elon Musk, stirring controversy at the site’s San Francisco base. City officials have initiated an investigation due to the unsanctioned display of a mammoth, illuminated ‘X’ that has taken residence atop the building previously known as Twitter’s headquarters.

Musk’s recent campaign to metamorphose Twitter into ‘X’ has been marked by the replacement of its signature bird symbol with an ‘X’ emblem, which is now prominently featured on Twitter’s desktop version. This change comes in the wake of Musk’s monumental $44 billion acquisition of Twitter.

This audacious rebranding initiative has sparked a maelstrom of debate, polarizing opinions among the platform’s users and critics. The latter have especially pointed out the rushed nature of these changes and the apparent absence of due legal process.

Musk’s affinity for the ‘X’ is well documented, having co-founded the online banking entity, which ultimately evolved into PayPal. He even reacquired the domain in 2017, signifying its personal significance to him.

With aspirations high, Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino articulated her vision for ‘X’ as the beacon of the platform’s future, imagining boundless interactive potential.

A Rocky Path for Twitter’s ‘X’ Overhaul: Entangled in Legal Limbo

Twitter’s journey towards transforming its identity to ‘X’ is fraught with obstacles, ensnared by both procedural and legal complications.

On one occasion, the moniker ‘X’ for Twitter was rejected by Apple’s App Store due to a policy on the minimum number of characters required for the app names.

Meanwhile, the controversial logo saga has placed Musk under immense scrutiny, as the city of San Francisco probes into the illicit ‘X’ signage installation. Patrick Hannan, from the Department of Building Inspection, has highlighted the necessity of obtaining proper permits for such alterations for safeguarding the historical integrity of buildings and ensuring secure installations.

In a dramatic turn of events, police officers halted workers from dismantling the building’s original bird emblem, citing potential hazards to the public should components of the sign fall during the removal process.

Caught up in legal predicaments, Twitter’s emboldened attempt to mount the ‘X’ sign without authorization has attracted the attention of regulatory bodies.

As the saga unfolds, Twitter’s legal team is confronted with the challenge of navigating through a complex maze of municipal codes to chart a lawful path forward. The resolution of this case will likely influence Twitter’s future endeavors and could potentially become a landmark for other technology firms contemplating their own rebranding ambitions.

From a technical perspective, the abrupt alteration to an ‘X’ app icon triggered security warnings for Microsoft Edge users. Furthermore, content filters in certain regions, such as Indonesia, erroneously blocked access to ‘’, mistaking it for adult content, thus highlighting the logistical hurdles attached to significant brand transformations.

Twitter’s shift to the enigmatic ‘X’ symbolizes a pivotal chapter in the company’s history as it attempts to align with the dynamic preferences of its global user base. Yet, to tread this path successfully, a strategic, regulation-compliant approach is essential for a fluid transition to its new, mysterious identity as ‘X’.

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