Top Picks for Wear OS in 2023: 5 Essential Apps


As the smartwatch sector grows, with devices like Google’s Pixel Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 making waves, Wear OS has been gaining significant attention. These devices are beginning to challenge the dominance of the Apple Watch, with an array of Wear OS-powered watches stepping into the limelight. Notwithstanding their growth, the true star of the show is the range of top-notch Wear OS applications that elevate the user experience.

To unleash the full capabilities of your Wear OS timepiece, we’ve curated a list of the 5 essential Wear OS applications for this year. Whether you’re eyeing a new Wear OS gadget or simply want to enhance your current setup, these handpicked apps from Technowize are bound to provide a seamless and feature-rich experience.

Top 5 Must-Have Wear OS Applications

1. SimpleWear

Acting as a conduit between your phone and wrist, SimpleWear deftly brings a host of smartphone features to your smartwatch. Highly practical for those driving or for moments when your phone is out of reach, this application stands out as a vital tool.

Some highlights of this prominent Wear OS app include the ability to lock your phone screen, activate the flashlight, manage media playback, toggle ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, and mute the ringer, all accessible through a handy tile on your smartwatch. However, its drawbacks include somewhat unstable media controls, a somewhat tedious setup process, and the need for an additional app to switch Wi-Fi on or off.

2. Shazam

A longstanding player in the music identification game, Shazam now graces Wear OS with its presence. It’s as straightforward to operate as ever, displaying song titles and artists on your wrist, with a record kept on your phone.

Unfortunately, Shazam for Wear OS does fall short in a few areas, such as not showing a list of previously identified tracks and the absence of the ‘Auto Shazam’ feature in the Wear OS environment.

3. AccuWeather

Known for its accuracy and comprehensiveness on smartphones, AccuWeather enters the Wear OS ecosystem as a pivotal utility.

Although it’s a condensed version, the app efficiently presents important weather information such as the RealFeel temperature, current conditions, and impending precipitation, all at a single glance. While missing features such as radar views, full forecasts, and checking weather in different locations, it still remains an excellent inclusion for the current crop of Wear OS apps.

4. Google Keep

Making task management a breeze, Google Keep for Wear OS is a handy companion for noting down shopping lists, recipes, and setting reminders. Features are similar to the mobile app, albeit with some limitations like the inability to edit text or search notes directly from the watch.

Nevertheless, the app shines with its speech-to-text feature, offering a more natural and expedient way to note things down as opposed to typing out text on a tiny screen.

5. Google Maps

Continuing its reign as the go-to app for navigation, Google Maps on Wear OS syncs seamlessly with your phone, providing easy map browsing and comprehensive turn-by-turn directions for traveling via bike, on foot, or by car.

However, you may find its Wear OS version lacking functionalities such as satellite view or real-time traffic updates—features that we can hope will be integrated in the near future.

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