Top 5 Electric Scooters of 2021: Your Comprehensive Buying Guide


Journeying through the city has become more enjoyable and Eco-conscious with electric scooters. They’re not only fun but also kind on the environment, requiring no gas and little maintenance. This article showcases the crème de la crème of electric scooters launched in 2021. We’ll dive into their features, address any concerns, and assist you in picking the ultimate electric scooter that meets your urban travel needs.

Let’s roll into the details without further delay!

electric scooter 2021

Pure Air Pro (Second Edition)

Kicking off our list is the remarkable Pure Air Pro by Pure Electric Ltd, a top contender in the electric scooters segment. With a single charge, it can cover up to 50km. The scooter is robust enough to manage a combined weight of 120kg, including the rider and any additional cargo. It boasts built-in lights, a notification bell, an interactive display, telescopic handlebars, and even a rack for your belongings. Priced at $850, it’s a steal given its capabilities. However, there have been some concerns regarding its software and foldable clasps’ durability, which might need some attention.

Dualtron Storm

Next up is the powerhouse Dualtron Storm, a gem in the electric scooter marketplace. This model prides itself on performance, sporting an impressive dual 6640 motors setup blasting to speeds of 62mph. Supported by an 84V 45Ah battery, it promises a range of up to 220km. Despite its hefty price tag of $4,500, the only drawback is its susceptibility to rust, something to keep in mind for the longevity of the scooter.

Apollo Ghost

For those seeking a blend of performance and style, the Apollo Ghost is a worthy candidate. It provides a smooth ride with its spring suspension and plush pneumatic tires. The scooter comes equipped with a bright headlight and a combination of regenerative and mechanical disc brakes. It features twin 800W motors, offers a range of between 20 to 39 miles, and reaches top speeds of 34 mph.

Pure Air Go

The Pure Air Go is an ideal option for city travelers looking to evade traffic. It’s user-friendly and suitable for commutes to work or quick trips around the block. With a respectable 15.5 mph top speed and up to 12 miles range per charge, it’s functional yet unburdened by excessive features. Available for $480, its only compromises are its weight and a folding mechanism that doesn’t quite rival that of some competitors.

Ninebot Segway Air T15

The Air T15 is the latest addition to the Ninebot Segway series, flaunting a cutting-edge foldable design that commands attention. Speeding up to 20km/h and achieving a 6.8km range on a single charge, it merges aesthetics with innovation. Priced at $599, it might not be the most powerful, but it’s definitely an eye-catcher for those who prefer style over speed.


There you have your elite lineup of 2021’s electric scooters—all of which stand out for their style, build, and performance. If your priorities include beating the traffic, reducing carbon footprint, and enjoying a swift ride, investing in one of these electric scooters seems to be the perfect call.

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