Stray: Feline Sovereignty in a Virtual Realm


The interactive third-person escapade game, Stray, has quickly become an internet sensation since its global launch, garnering a huge following among gamers and social media enthusiasts alike. The game is celebrated for its mesmerizing graphics and the lifelike experience it offers.

Stray Cat Game

A Digital Spectacle: Stray’s Graphical Precision Charms the Web! [Image Credit:]

Irresistible Feline Adventure

The artfully executed game conjures a vivid representation of felines in all their glory. Launched by Annapurna Interactive, a name that’s been associated with quality since 2016, the imitation game Stray casts you as an unnamed feline traversing a neon-lit underground city, pursuing the quest to reunite with its kin.

A salute to BlueTwelve Studio from France for meticulously embedding the idiosyncratic mannerisms of cats into the game’s protagonist.

Delving into the Stray World

As a lovable lost cat in Stray, you partner with a clever drone known as B12 to navigate a secretive, robot-filled metropolis, all the while evading monstrous creatures threatening to indulge their predatory cravings. The gameplay involves basic yet enjoyable actions such as scampering, leaping, and clambering through an engaging platform interface.

A Viral Hit Among Social Media Circles

The captivating Stray game became a trending topic and conquered social media conversations, generating an impressive number of tweets and countless memes, video shares, and discussions across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Breaking New Records!

The game established unprecedented success on Steam, with Stray attracting 62,963 concurrent gamers at its peak [Steam Stats]. Renowned video game market analyst Benji-Sales took to Twitter to express amazement at these figures for an independent game, labeling the success of Stray as a landmark achievement for both Annapurna Interactive and BlueTwelve Studio.

Stray Game

From Southern France to the World: BlueTwelve Studio’s Stray receives accolades from all corners – gamers, critics, and even cats themselves! [Image Credit:]

Warm Applause All Around

The heartwarming videos of cats curiously interacting with the game’s “meticulously portrayed neon alleys and shadowy habitats,” have created quite a stir online. A Twitter account named @CatsWatchStray has been dedicated to sharing these adorable moments.

Inspired by Real-Life Mischief

Developed to mirror a stray cat’s worldview, the starring character in the game was modeled after an actual stray named Murtaugh, found huddled under a vehicle in Montpellier, France and now comfortably residing with the co-founders of BlueTwelve Studio.

Launch Date of the Feline Saga

The indie favorite that’s won over admirers worldwide was released on July 19, 2021.

Acquisition Cost of the Adventure

Stray, which innovatively features a “meow” function, is currently available for purchase at a price of $29.99.

Where to Find Stray

This enigmatic tale of a stray cat is up for grabs on several gaming platforms, including those by Sony, PlayStation, and Microsoft.

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