Cross-Platform Play Arrives on Fortnite


Cross-platform play is no longer a dream for PlayStation 4 enthusiasts as Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) rolls out the feature, starting with an open beta for the popular game Fortnite by Epic Games. This development comes as a sigh of relief for PS4 gamers desiring to engage with a broader player base across various systems.

The variety of systems now compatible with Fortnite spans mobile operating systems like Android and iOS, desktop platforms such as Windows and Mac, and even competing consoles like the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

John Kodera, President and Global CEO of SIE, acknowledged the anticipation of the community in a blog post, thanking them for their patience as the company worked towards facilitating this cross-play functionality.

What Caused Sony’s Hesitation with Cross-Play?

Despite having the best-selling console on the market, Sony faced criticism from game developers, publishers, and fans alike for not enabling cross-play sooner. The resistance even prompted rival consoles, Switch and Xbox One, to tease Sony with advertisements highlighting their own cross-play capabilities.

Defending their cautious approach, the company cited technical and business considerations on the PlayStation Blogcast. Shawn Layden, Chairman of Worldwide Studios, explained on his podcast that multiple factors had to be aligned, including customer support and communication strategies, before cross-play could be launched.

Fortnite cross-play

The diversity of platforms for engaging in Fortnite gameplay now encompasses a wide array of devices, including Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac, along with competing gaming systems like Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Source: Epic Games

Setting Up Fortnite’s Cross-Platform Feature

Epic Games has implemented a system enabling players to link their various console accounts through a primary and secondary console designation. While the full integration of multiple Epic Accounts will become available with the account merging feature set for release in November, players can currently link their consoles to a cohesive Epic Account. Detailed guidelines on how to do so are available on the Epic Games website.

It is worth noting that the current linking feature does not transfer existing purchases or game progression; players must wait for the account merging tool for that capability.

Following the successful beta phase of Fortnite’s cross-play feature, Sony is potentially preparing to introduce other popular games such as Minecraft and Rocket League to the PS4’s cross-platform repertoire.

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