Revolutionizing Video Chats: WhatsApp’s Animated Avatar Feature on the Horizon


WhatsApp is gearing up for a thrilling transformation for its video calling function. By integrating Metaverse elements, the platform may soon offer the option for users to replace their live video with animated avatars during calls.

Since joining the Meta family, previously known as Facebook, in 2014, WhatsApp has evolved significantly. The app is a popular choice globally for chatting, voice and video calls, sharing moments, and connecting seamlessly with loved ones.

Through a series of updates, Meta plans to enhance the WhatsApp experience even further, particularly during video calls, adding a touch of flair and excitement.

WhatsApp video call with animated avatar

Animated avatars during WhatsApp video calls could soon become a reality for users.

Exploring the New Animated Avatar Feature

Other platforms including Snapchat and Instagram, as well as iMessage for Apple users, have already embraced animated avatars. WhatsApp is poised to bring this interactive feature to its users, building on the current trend.

Applications like Google Duo have spiced up video calls with fun stickers, and now WhatsApp is aiming to up the ante with its own iteration of augmented video calls. It’s a strategic move that’s sure to delight.

Reports from WABetaInfo suggest the introduction of a new feature that could enhance the video calling experience on WhatsApp. Although currently in the developmental phase, this feature is highly anticipated.

Early access to upcoming features is often granted through beta versions for user testing and feedback. Beta users have hinted that during video calls, they’ve encountered a “Switch to avatar” button. Clicking it should ideally replace your live video with an animated representation. Yet, as this functionality is still under development, the button currently lacks functionality.

Apart from video calls, the update may also allow users to express themselves in chat conversations using their avatars, following in the footsteps of iMessage. The addition is expected to enhance user engagement and enjoyment within the chat environment.

WhatsApp plans to offer an avatar editor for personal customization, enabling users to alter their avatars’ attire, hairstyles, and more. It’s possible that these avatars could also be used as profile pictures, and they might be designed in either 2D or 3D.

Updates like this align with Meta’s broader objective of making the Metaverse more accessible. The development is ongoing, and while there’s no set timeframe for release, it is clear this update could mark a significant turning point for WhatsApp’s functionality.

Wrapping Up

The anticipated avatar feature in WhatsApp promises to reimagine the way we engage in video calls. While beta testers can glimpse the feature, they cannot yet engage with it, implying that WhatsApp developers are dedicated to perfecting it before launch. Fans across the globe are eagerly waiting to see how this update will unfold once it’s finally released.

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