Samsung Revives Swappable Batteries in Upcoming Smartphone Launch


This month marks the arrival of a fresh Samsung smartphone, sparking eager anticipation among tech enthusiasts. Samsung is preparing to expand its Galaxy Xcover series with an exciting throwback feature—user-replaceable batteries. A nostalgic feature in today’s era of sealed smartphones, removable batteries once offered greater flexibility for users to swap out a drained or defective unit conveniently.

That convenience had largely disappeared from the market until now. As user-replaceable batteries have become a thing of the past, people have been relegated to send in their phones for battery service, which could be quite the hassle.

Another vanishing element in modern smartphones is the traditional headphone jack, now often replaced by wireless earbuds that connect seamlessly to devices, leading many manufacturers to omit the once-ubiquitous port.

Samsung seems poised to restore these cherished features with its upcoming Samsung Xcover Pro 6. The eagerly anticipated device is rumored to include not just a swappable battery, but possibly a headphone jack as well.

While the Galaxy Xcover Pro may not be Samsung’s premium offering, it is shaping up to be a compelling option with features that could sway buyers.

Insights Into the New Release

Speculation about the Samsung Xcover Pro 6 has been buzzing online. While an announcement was expected on July 13th, it seems that industry chatter has outpaced Samsung’s reveal. Nonetheless, Samsung has confirmed the upcoming Samsung Xcover Pro 6, set to debut on that date, with the issuance of a user manual delineating the process to remove and replace the battery.

The Galaxy Xcover Pro 6 is anticipated to feature a 6.6-inch FHD screen, boast a refresh rate of 120Hz, and come equipped with a 4050mAh user-replaceable battery. Further specs include 6GB of RAM and 128GB of on-board storage.

Under its hood, the smartphone will be powered by the Snapdragon 778G chip, ensuring a marked performance enhancement over its predecessors in the Xcover series.

Optics on the Galaxy Xcover Pro 6 include a primary 50MP rear camera, an 8MP secondary rear sensor, and a 13MP front-facing snapper for selfies. Other noteworthy features are a 3.5mm headphone jack, a microSD card slot, a side-mounted fingerprint sensor integrated into the power button, and an extra button that permits user customization.

From visuals released by Evan Blass, the phone touts a straightforward design with a black plastic rear casing that conceals the battery and appears to accommodate a headphone jack. While the design is unassuming, further details suggest the possibility of 5G support, boosting the device’s appeal. The specific Android version it will run is still up for speculation, but Android 12 is the widely expected choice.

Final Thoughts

Pricing details for the Galaxy Xcover Pro 6 remain under wraps, but indications point to an initial release spanning Europe, Asia, and the Middle East come July 13th. Expected to be modestly priced compared to Samsung’s flagship models, it holds the resurgence of beloved features that may reignite their charm on the market.

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