Examining Amazon’s Innovative Virtual Shoe Fitting Feature


Ever struggle to choose the perfect pair of shoes online? The daunting task of selecting the right look without trying them on just got easier with Amazon’s Virtual Shoe Try-On service.

Thursday brought news from Amazon about its Virtual Shoe Try-On feature, now available for customers in the United States and Canada, and accessible to all iOS device users. 

Everything You Should Know About Amazon’s Virtual Shoe Fitting Feature

Not surprisingly, Amazon has been on the forefront of utilizing augmented reality for enhancing the shopping experience. The company’s initial offering, AR View, launched in 2017, allowed consumers to preview how various items would appear in their space.

Another initiative was the Made-For-You service, providing a glimpse of how clothes would fit you personally.

Amazon, however, isn’t the only one embracing augmented reality for shopping. Earlier this year, in March, Walmart introduced a virtual fitting room allowing customers to visualize clothes on different body types.

Augmented reality shopping

Amazon has indicated that while the feature is not yet universal across all shoe brands, numerous well-known sneaker brands like New Balance, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Superga, Lacoste, Asics, and Saucony have already adopted the tool.

Understanding the Virtual Shoe Fitting Service

Amazon’s Virtual Shoe Try-On service is crafted to aid consumers in making savvy footwear decisions, seamlessly integrating augmented reality into the shopping experience. Muge Erdirik Dogan, the president of Amazon Fashion, highlighted that the service is designed to ease and enhance online fashion shopping.

With a promise of continual improvements based on user feedback, Amazon is eager to bring this innovative approach to more brands and styles, stating that while shoppers can see how the shoes look from all angles, the tool doesn’t substitute for actual sizing advice, which can still be found on product detail pages.

AR virtual try-on shoe

The Virtual Try-On Process: How it Functions

Available to users in the U.S. and Canada with iOS devices (with promises of an upcoming Android version), the Virtual Shoe Try-On is a simple feature in the Amazon shopping app. To take advantage of this virtual fitting experience, search for your preferred shoe brand and select the “Virtual Shoe Try-On” option below the product page. Adhering to the app’s guidance, point your camera at your feet to see how the digital representation of the shoe fits and looks, then even share a snapshot to social media if you’re inclined.

The Shopper’s Perspective: Why Use Amazon’s Virtual Try-On?

Convenience and confidence are key; the Virtual Try-On service is designed to avoid the disappointment that sometimes follows an online shoe purchase. Besides footwear, Amazon hints at expanding this feature for trying out eyewear and T-shirts, creating a more hands-on virtual shopping journey.

In Summary

Amazon’s Virtual Shoe Try-On is enhancing the online shopping landscape. Though it doesn’t provide sizing assistance currently, its potential future developments hint at even more personalized online shopping experiences.

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