Introducing the Paid Era for TweetDeck with ‘X Premium’ Exclusive Access


The popular social media platform formerly known as Twitter has unveiled an exclusive paid version for its TweetDeck service. Under the new moniker X Pro, enthusiasts wishing to utilize TweetDeck Pro’s advanced functionalities will need to sign up for X Premium—Elon Musk’s latest monetization effort for the platform. A yearly commitment to X Premium will set users back $84.

The launch of the subscription tier aligns with the company’s, presently called X, overarching goal to enhance revenue streams. The pivot to a paid model for a service historically gratis has elicited a spectrum of responses, particularly from media professionals for whom TweetDeck has been an indispensable tool.

The Controversial Paywall for TweetDeck Insights

Elon Musk’s earlier announcements indicated that TweetDeck would transform into an exclusive service for subscribers, stirring discussions. After an unexpected reversal to an older user interface, which sparked a brief flicker of hope among users, the inevitable transition to a subscription-required model has now taken effect.

The rocky beginnings of X Premium, known previously as Twitter Blue, did little to deter its relaunch in December following a false start fraught with parody accounts impersonating celebrities and brands. X perseveres with tackling these impersonation dilemmas to safeguard a trustworthy user environment.

Elon Musk’s takeover of the platform in a mammoth $44 billion deal has marked a period of rapid and radical transformations. His tenure has seen swift operational and structural reforms, from personnel reductions to the rollout of novel functionalities and regulatory updates.

A rebranding crusade commenced shortly thereafter, leaving the familiar avian insignia behind in favor of repositioning X as a versatile app far surpassing a simple microblogging space. This move is reflective of Musk’s aspirational blueprint for an “everything app”, bridging the divide between various online functions.

TweetDeck Premium: A Threshold or an Advance?

The shift to a premium framework for TweetDeck, integrated within the expansive X Premium package, casts new light on the future trajectory of the platform. Disappointment from some quarters contrasts with optimism from others, who anticipate reinvestment into further innovation and service refinement.

The perks of X Premium extend beyond the access to TweetDeck Pro. Subscribers are distinguished with a verified blue checkmark, higher visibility in comment threads and searches, the ability to publish more comprehensive posts, and a diminished ad presence, all curated to augment the overall experience on the platform.

With X Premium’s introduction, a new period emerges for the erstwhile cost-free TweetDeck, now enveloped within a subscription model. For better or worse, this development ushers in an era of exclusivity and privilege in an evolving social media landscape.

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