Elevate Your Home Aesthetics with LG’s Elegant 4K CineBeam Projector


The LG CineBeam Qube is elevating home entertainment, blending effortlessly into your living space with its minimalist yet stylish design. The traditional television’s appeal has diminished as our media consumption increasingly shifts to mobile devices and laptops. Enter LG’s CineBeam projector, a potential game-changer that elevates the home cinema experience. Although the performance of its image projection is yet to be fully disclosed, here are some insights into what the LG CineBeam has to offer.

“LG’s enhanced projector series provides versatile, space-savvy solutions that deliver immersive, theater-like experiences for any living space.”

—YS Lee, vice president and head of the IT business unit of LG Electronics Business Solutions Company

Seamlessly Integrate LG’s CineBeam Qube Projector Into Your Home Décor

LG, a trusted name in home electronics, typically prioritizes functionality in their designs. Nonetheless, the LG CineBeam projector (model HU710PB) stands out as a decorative centerpiece without sacrificing simplicity. Weighing 3.28 lbs with a rotational handle, the product tips its hat to classic film projectors while delivering modern functionalities. Ideal for both decoration and entertainment, the CineBeam Qube effortlessly transitions from a stylish accessory to a key player for movie nights or sports games. Here’s a closer look at the LG CineBeam’s features.

The released specifications for the LG CineBeam reveal capabilities such as projecting from 50 to 120 inches with a throw ratio of 1.2, ensuring a sizable and sharp display. A true-to-life 4K UHD resolution and a contrast ratio of 450,000:1 promise an immersive viewing experience. The brightness, rated at 500 ANSI Lumens, may not match some competitors but is nonetheless adequate for most environments. Strengthened by an RGB laser light source, LG boasts precise color representation for authentic content as envisioned by its creators.

Sporting LG’s proprietary webOS 6.0, the projector grants access to a plethora of streaming services along with modern connectivity options like HDMI eARC and USB-C. An inbuilt 3W Mono speaker adds convenience and rounds off this compact device as a fitting choice for medium-sized rooms.

The LG 4K CineBeam Qube, designed to be as mobile as it is functional, could become a central piece for any residence, despite the brightness potentially being its sole shortcoming. While price and availability remain unannounced, expect a sneak peek at CES in Las Vegas, an event from 9-12 January.

It’s exciting to anticipate further innovations in LG’s line of aesthetically pleasing and high-performance projectors.

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