Hollywood Celebrities Jump on the NFT Bandwagon with the Launch of Immi App


The Immi app has just been introduced in the App Store this Wednesday, showcasing a groundbreaking leap in animation technology with full-body 3D cinematic characters and advanced facial tracking features now available to the general public. Compatible with iOS, the app requires an iPhone X or newer or an iPad for operation, positioning itself as the nexus where creativity comes to life in the form of animation.

Understanding the Immi App

Stepping into a revolutionary domain of digital artistry, the Immi app allows anyone to craft animated narratives employing sophisticated facial and body motion capture techniques, thus transforming them into high-quality cinematic sequences. It differentiates itself by giving a select circle of users the extraordinary chance to animate their NFTs, offering unparalleled customization that enables the sculpting of characters capable of emotively powerful storytelling.

Dynamic animation in the Immi app

The Immi app’s state-of-the-art animation capabilities are set to empower content creators by animating NFTs.

CEO and co-founder Josh Jenkins-Robbins envisions the Immi app as a creative liberation for everyday users, piloting top-tier animated characters via an iPhone in real time. “Users can embrace a diverse array of personalities, exploring character genres that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with industry titans like Pixar. The app is a beacon of creativity, fun, and the freedom for users to embody any character they can imagine,” he stated.

The animations can enliven one’s social media presence or add persona to their metaverse experiences, and notably includes a provision for Bored Ape Yacht Club and My Pet Hooligan NFT owners to animate their digital assets. Celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Mark Cuban, Snoop Dogg, Jimmy Fallon, and GMoney have already shared their Immi-animated Bored Apes, while Elon Musk influenced the Twitter sphere by showcasing Bored Ape NFTs, consequently increasing their market desirability.

According to a statement from the company, “Immi will present nine character categories at launch, including two complimentary personas per category ranging from the lauded Bored Ape #1398 NFT to a dauntless superhero, an anime insurgent, and the unforgettable ‘Karen.’ As it progresses, Immi is set to introduce an array of characters including its own original creations, licensed content from the gaming and film industry, and animated renditions of prominent NFTs.” In the forthcoming summer, Immi is preparing to introduce a cohort of character-centered NFTs, signaling a formidable change. The company boasts a team peppered with tech aficionados and seasoned entertainment professionals alongside veteran animators from Pixar, Disney, and DreamWorks, equipped with the art of narrative magic.

The Backers of Immi App

Paris Hilton, an investor in the Immi app, is no stranger to the world of crypto assets and NFT endeavors, having launched her own autobiography-themed NFTs titled “Paris: Past Lives, New Beginnings” earlier this year. She said, “Immi empowers creators by placing the creative torch in their hands, opening up a world of possibilities that NFTs can offer.”

The investment list for the Immi app comprises other renowned figures like entrepreneur Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks, motivational savant Tony Robbins, Eric Yuan of Zoom, recording artist Pitbull, Grammy nominee Steve Aoki, NFT connoisseur GMoney, and entrepreneur Paris Hilton. This announcement was broadcast by Hilton’s own 11:11 Media.

Another prominent investor, Mark Cuban from the hit series Shark Tank, has long supported the potential of NFTs, previously articulating to CNBC his belief that NFTs are emblematic of the wider applicability for smart contracts and decentralized technology.

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