Android N: What’s in a Name? Delight or Disappointment?


Android N

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Excitement fills the air for Android enthusiasts around the globe. At last, Google, the tech behemoth, has unveiled the developer preview of Android N, the fresh installment in its Android operating system lineup.

The dawn of a new era for Android applications is upon us with Android N, promising a playground for developers to innovate.

To streamline the adoption for both developers seeking adventure and coders alike, the Android N preview is available via an ‘over-the-air’ update. No more manual flashing needed.

This early release is a delightful surprise. Google aims to use this ‘still-in-the-oven’ initiative to gather a wealth of feedback from the developer community for polishing its final release of Android N. However, this means that the general public must wait a little longer for access.

Let’s delve into some standout features that this iteration brings to the table.

Enhanced Battery Life

Beginning with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Doze was introduced—a function for energy conservation when devices are idle. Android N takes it a step further, conserving power even when the device’s screen takes a nap. Additionally, Google is carving out a new initiative, known as Project Svelte, aiming to slash the storage requirement to operate Android, which would be a boon for devices with more modest specs.

Immediate Reply from Notification Bar

Thanks to Android N, replying to messages becomes a breeze right from the notification itself. A subtle text box appears atop your display upon receiving a message, allowing you to fire off a quick reply without diving into the messenger, streamlining your workflow. It’s a feature long enjoyed by iOS patrons and is a welcome addition to the Android experience.

Simultaneous App Use with Multi Window Support

Android N is set to standardize running two apps side-by-side with its multi-window support. Samsung devotees might recognize this convenience, and it’s thrilling to see it extended to the entire Android realm. This multitasking feature mirrors what’s found on devices like the iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4, and iPad Air 2.

Grouped Notifications for Individual Attention

When your notifications are a cluttered mess, Android N’s new feature swoops in for the save. Developers now have the option to bundle their app notifications. You get an organized stack from each app, which you can simply tap to expand and explore each announcement separately.

iOS users might find this feature familiar, and its integration into Android is a stride forward for user convenience.

The Android N developer preview is currently compatible with the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel C, Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Nexus Player, Android One phone, and the General Mobile 4G.

Are you prepared for this evolutionary leap? Google has armed itself and is now calling on Android developers to commence exploring Android N.

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