Escape the Undead: Engaging in the Spectacular World of Dying Light 2


Embark on an action-packed adventure with Dying Light 2 Stay Human, where a viral calamity has turned a once-thriving city into a treacherous wasteland filled with zombies. This sequel arrives 15 years following the events of the original Dying Light, featuring protagonist Kyle Crane and his escapades within the quarantined city of Harran.

A Glimpse into the Narrative

This time around, players control Aiden Caldwell, a character shrouded in mystery, toiling with a less than virtuous history. A crucial part of Aiden’s quest involves locating his long-lost sister, Mia. As players guide Aiden through the chaos, the alliances and rivalries they forge are as fickle as life itself, with each choice potentially leading to triumph or disaster.

The city of Villedor, humanity’s last bastion, becomes Aiden’s playground in his search for Mia. Here, conflict is rife as various factions vie for dominance. Thanks to Aiden’s adept parkour, maneuvering across Villedor is exhilarating, and his arsenal is more formidable than ever. Each of Villedor’s seven districts boasts distinct landmarks and secrets, waiting to be uncovered depending on the player’s moral compass and resolve.

The game’s dynamic world, complete with an active populace and a realistic day-night cycle, adds to the immersion. Some quests are night-exclusive, offering high stakes and higher rewards. By overcoming the Global Relief Effort Anomalies (GRE), you unlock exceptional bonuses. Yet, with each encounter, the risk grows, as the undead are ever vigilant, and surviving until the first light becomes the ultimate challenge.

First-person agility and movement are not just functional but a visual treat in Dying Light 2, where each trip from one location to another is filled with suspense. The game underscores a critical theme that one’s choices are as consequential as their abilities.

Like its predecessor, Dying Light 1, cooperative multiplayer gameplay for up to four players remains an integral part of the experience.

Behind the Scenes

Techland both developed and released Dying Light 2 Stay Human, aiming to communicate a sense of despair and desolation by setting the story atop the crumbling remains of civilization. Bringing in well-known comic writer Chris Avellone, the development team crafted a narrative that draws parallels with contemporary global issues and political climates.

While the game shines in many aspects, it occasionally experiences pitfalls in consistency. Optimized primarily for high-end PCs, some console players may find performance lacking. Olivier Deriviere’s chilling soundtrack is a perfect companion to the gameplay, accentuating the atmosphere of survival and endurance.

Final Thoughts

Dying Light 2 sets itself apart with its parkour-influenced combat system. Players must think ahead as each action and encounter could have lasting consequences. Showcasing a substantial map, replete with vivid colors and diversity, the game crafts a grim but immersive future. It’s a game that injects vitality with every playthrough.

Having launched on February 3, Dying Light 2 is available for enthusiast gamers on platforms such as Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Additionally, a version for the Nintendo Switch is currently under development.

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