Top 5 Smartwatch Picks of 2023 for Both Android and iOS Users


In recent years, the smartwatch landscape has evolved from niche to a fiercely competitive market. Giants such as Samsung, Google, and Garmin have entered the fray, offering viable alternatives to Apple’s once-dominant smartwatch. The top smartwatches of 2023 boast a plethora of capabilities, transcending mere activity tracking and notifications to offer a richer digital experience.

For those ready to strap on a slice of wearable tech, today’s cream-of-the-crop smartwatches offer workout tracking for various activities, heart rate monitoring, onboard music playback, digital assistant access, and lots more. If you’re considering the leap from analogue to digital in wristwear, take a glance at our roundup of the year’s finest smartwatches compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Key Attributes to Consider in 2023’s Smartwatches

Pricing: The elite smartwatch bracket typically commands a price range of $300 to $400, attributed to their high-end features like GPS capabilities, onboard music storage, NFC payments, and a range of fitness functionalities. Conversely, luxury fitness-focused watches from brands like TAG Heuer and Hublot may break the $1000 mark for their premium materials.

Device Compatibility: When it’s time to buy, check whether the smartwatch works with your smartphone. Models from Samsung, Fitbit, and Garmin play nice with both Android and iOS, thanks to companion apps, whereas the Apple Watch stays faithful only to iPhone users. Meanwhile, Wear OS watches maintain compatibility with both mobile ecosystems.

Battery Life: The frustration of frequent charging is a well-known woe among smartwatch users. A selected few offer rapid charging capabilities, like the OnePlus Watch, Wear OS watches, and Apple Watch. Examine the standout smartwatches of 2023 for a balance between rich features and enduring battery life to suit your lifestyle.

The Elite of 2023: Five Superior Smartwatches

1. Prime Android Smartwatch of 2023 – Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

For devotees of the Android platform, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 reigns supreme as the top choice of 2023. This latest incarnation, while not a revolution, has earned its place with its sturdier touchscreen, reinforced design, and a battery life that just keeps on going. Starting at a reasonable $230, its fitness aspects like body composition and sleep coaching stand in a league of their own.

2. Premier iOS Smartwatch for 2023 – Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple Watch has continually set the benchmark for smartwatches since its introduction in 2015, and the Series 8 exemplifies this tradition. While maintaining a close resemblance to its predecessor, the Series 8 injects fresh technology like crash detection and a new temperature sensor. Starting at $399, it’s a compelling choice for those invested in the Apple ecosystem.

3. Top Smartwatch with Extended Battery Life – Garmin Instinct 2 Solar

The Garmin Instinct 2 Solar distinguishes itself by its military-grade durability and solar charging functionality. Tailored for the outdoor enthusiast, it touts supreme battery longevity, coming in two sizes with a bold design. Its notable con is the higher price tag at $450, lacking a touchscreen and music storage, though other smartwatch features are present.

4. Best Value Smartwatch of 2023 – Fitbit Versa 2

Navigating past the high-end offerings, the Fitbit Versa 2 stands out as an affordable option, priced between $100 and $150. You’ll get a wealth of features including sleep and water resistance, a six-day battery, built-in Alexa, comprehensive fitness tracking, and even blood oxygen (spO2) monitoring, making it the optimal pick for those watching their wallet.

5. Another Android Champion – Google Pixel Watch

Google remains a competitive player with its contribution to the smartwatch scene, meriting a spot in our select list of 2023’s best. The Google Pixel Watch wows users with its sleek design and smooth Wear OS operation. Despite the need for more frequent charging, it integrates seamlessly with Fitbit and offers a user-friendly experience.

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