The Redemption of the Road: A Fresh Perspective on the Road Rash Revival


The reimagined version of Road Rash, making a comeback allowing players to duel with rivals using makeshift weapons at blistering speeds, deserves a thorough review for its potent revival of the classic. Sit tight for the new chapter dubbed the ‘Road Redemption Journey’.

Road Redemption

Nostalgia meets novelty as the Road Rash Remake revives the beloved vehicular combat features. [Image Credit: Steam]

Retelling the Road Rash Tale

A group of enthusiasts has turned the table on time, transforming the story of the updated Road Rash game into something of a modern myth. Early supporters of the original released by EA Sports in 1991 have pooled their passions, creating a successful crowdfunded venture to bring the revival to life. Pixel Dash Studios and EQ-Games were awarded the honor of refreshing the much-adored Road Rash experience, marrying nostalgia with innovative enhancements—clearly winning hearts and living up to the game’s storied past.

With an enthralling ‘deep motorcycle fighting system that involves grapples, kicks, and critical strikes, Road Redemption echoes its predecessor’s core excitement. The game tops it off with a complex skill tree teeming with an abundance of upgrades for the taking.

New Road Rash Game

Fasten your seatbelts as the new Road Rash Game promises a high-octane escapade. [Image Credit: Steam]

The Crusade of Road Redemption

At the heart of Road Redemption lies the quest to steer your band of virtual bikers across the nationwide expanse, mastering the art of vehicular warfare along the way. The game rewards players with in-game currency for mastering races, vanquishing foes, and pulling off heists, paving the way for colossal enhancements to character attributes, bikes, and arsenal.

Modes of Road Redemption

Unleash collaborative chaos or embrace rivalry with the game’s multiplayer option, allowing players to form alliances or engage in ferocious free-for-alls. Those embarking on a Solo Campaign will unlock the exhilarating potential of 4-player splitscreen cooperation.

The Arrival of Road Redemption

This thrilling remake first hit digital shelves on September 18, 2014, and later made its grand entrance onto PCs in 2017.

Acquiring Road Redemption

The sought-after Road Rash remake can be yours for $19.99.

Experience Road Redemption on Steam

That’s correct! Get your adrenaline fix from the comfort of your Steam Deck. Snag the game from Steam’s storefront and have it seamlessly integrated into your Steam Library.

Where to Find Road Redemption

Boasting an average audience score of 4.2, Road Redemption can be found across most major gaming platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Critical Acclaim for Road Redemption

Heralded by Pixel Dash Studios and EQ-Games, Road Redemption is a hallmark of driving-combat-adventure gaming with a treasure trove of awards to its name. Garnering a 9.0 score from Destructoid, a 90% from Gamespew, and a 90/100 from Ragequit, the game is riding high on global acclaim.

In essence, the Road Rash revival has enthralled crowds from every corner of the gaming sphere, capturing hearts along the way.

A Look Back at Road Rash’s Debut

The vintage Road Rash experience first revved its engines for players three decades ago, in 1991 by industry titan EA Sports, known for their flagship FIFA series.

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