The 2023 Samsung Developer Conference: A Gateway to Cutting-edge Tech and Intelligent Connectivity


Samsung Electronics convened its prestigious Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) for the year 2023, hosted at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. Celebrating its ninth iteration, the SDC 2023 shed light on the tech giant’s dedication to fostering open innovation and enhancing its service strategies, featuring comprehensive discussions on developer-centric platforms such as Bixby, Samsung Knox, SmartThings, and Tizen.

The 2023 conference saw the introduction of innovative solutions aimed at building a safer, smarter, and more eco-friendly digital ecosystem, anchored by the advanced SmartThings connectivity options and the newly refined Samsung Knox Matrix. Attendees were also treated to a sneak peek of One UI 6, Samsung’s most recent smartphone user interface update, which boasts an enriched array of customizable designs alongside fresh, user-friendly functionality.

During the event, CEO JH Han underscored the pivotal role of sustainability and security as cornerstones of Samsung’s latest enhancements, asserting their importance in driving ethical innovation in today’s era of ubiquitous connectivity.

Elevating Gaming Experiences

In the gaming sphere, Samsung unveiled enhancements to its Tizen-based gaming service, the Samsung Gaming Hub, offering a better-than-ever gaming experience for users.

A More Unified Smart Home Ecosystem

Casting a vision for interconnected living spaces, Samsung emphasized its SmartThings framework and the principles of open innovation. The SmartThings Home API has been streamlined for developers, simplifying the process of creating SmartThings apps. Additionally, the enhanced SmartThings Context API taps into AI and sensor technology to elevate the user’s living experience.

A key aspect of this vision includes the integration of SmartThings Hub capabilities into Samsung’s portfolio, spanning Sound Bars and Smart TVs, ensuring a seamlessly connected home environment.

Advancements with the SmartTag2

The reveal of the SmartTag2 was a highlight at SDC23. Engineered with a long-lasting battery of up to 700 days, an IP67 water and dust resistance rating, along with a more compact design, the SmartTag2 ensures seamless tracking of personal items under tough conditions, leveraging Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for connectivity.

Enhanced Bixby Integration

Samsung’s voice assistant, Bixby, sees deeper integration with the SmartThings platform. The company announced refined voice command functionalities that provide an intuitive multi-device environmental control. Bixby now smartly determines the most appropriate device for each user command, showcasing a deeper contextual understanding.

With the convergence of numerous connected gadgets, Samsung places a premium on security and privacy. Enhancements to the Knox Matrix, including Credential Sync and Trust Chain, are underway, with Knox Vault destined for broader device applicability.

Tizen App Development’s New Horizons

Samsung’s ambitions for Tizen extend its reach to include home appliances with 7-inch displays while amplifying the user experience through on-device AI initiatives and the Home AI Edge Hub.

Application development for Tizen is also propelling Samsung’s immersive gaming offerings. The Samsung Gaming Hub has seen a 300% increase in cloud-based games since its inception, now boasting a 3,000-strong library. Tizen is also expanding its support for open-source semiconductor architectures, such as RISC-V, modern programming languages like RUST, and introducing a new Remote Test Lab for cloud-based Samsung TV device testing.

The Breakthrough of Samsung One UI 6

Samsung One UI 6 revolutionizes smartphone usage with a redesigned Quick panel featuring an intuitive layout and conveniently grouped settings. The user interface introduces an exclusive digital-friendly typeface, One UI Sans, designed to bolster on-screen legibility.

One UI 6 transforms the smartphone experience, offering personalization that aligns with the user’s needs and preferences and streamlined tools for greater usability.

Innovative Samsung Health Solutions

In addition, SDC23 served as a platform for Samsung Electronics to unveil its cutting-edge health offerings, empowered by enhanced device and service connectivity. Leveraging the synergies between SmartThings and Samsung Food, new digital health experiences aim to create a tailor-made sleep environment for users. Samsung also announced its ongoing commitment to the Samsung Privileged Health SDK, inviting developers and partners to develop health applications using Samsung’s BioActive Sensor.

Unveiling Samsung Food

The company also shed more light on its Samsung Food service, featuring innovative technologies such as Food AI and Vision AI to orchestrate a full-fledged food management system across all connected devices.

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