Say Goodbye to Snoops: WhatsApp’s Upcoming Feature to Hide Your Login Presence


The platform known for safeguarding user privacy, WhatsApp, is yet again enhancing its features. The forthcoming update will introduce an option to conceal your ‘online’ status, a development eagerly anticipated by many users. While past updates have allowed the removal of ‘last seen’ markers and the hiding of profile photos from unknown users, the ability to conceal one’s current online presence is a significant stride forward in user privacy.

Moreover, toggling the ‘read receipt’ option is also available, masking whether messages have been viewed. However, the ‘online’ status, which is visible to all, has remained a steadfast indicator of a user’s activity on the app, until now.

WhatsApp online status

Emulating the privacy feature of platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp will soon enable users to have full control over who can see their activity status. This means one can browse in peace without alerting anyone in their network about their online activity.

Will It Be Possible to Go Incognito on WhatsApp?

Trusted information source WABetaInfo has revealed the ability to turn off one’s ‘online’ status on WhatsApp. Screenshots backing up this claim indicate that users can quickly navigate to ‘Settings’ and from there, adjust their privacy controls regarding their ‘Last seen and online’ status with just a few taps.

On the settings screen, users are presented with different configuration options, allowing for varying levels of visibility. These range from being completely open to everyone or only visible to specific contacts, and even complete invisibility, thus offering users full command over their online transparency.

You can set your online visibility exactly in the same vein as the ‘last seen’ status — if ‘last seen’ is open to everyone, so will your ‘online’ status be; if set to ‘My contacts except..’, you can exclude certain contacts from seeing your online presence; selecting ‘Nobody’ ensures that your activity status remains hidden from everyone across WhatsApp.

Modifying the ‘Online’ Indicator on WhatsApp’s Desktop Version

The option to go invisible is not just for mobile users. WABetaInfo notes that the upcoming privacy feature will apply universally, across WhatsApp’s desktop iterations as well. As is often the case, WhatsApp has not officially unveiled the new feature yet, so the actual release date remains unknown. For now, loyal users of the messaging app are left to watch for the drop of this long-awaited privacy control.

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