Revolutionary Health Technologies Unveiled at CES 2022


At CES 2022, health technology shone in the limelight, propelled by the ongoing battle against the Covid-19 pandemic. Innovators and businesses came forward with indispensable solutions designed to integrate seamlessly into our daily lives for enhanced wellness.

This year’s CES event was a testament to the collective effort of companies striving to improve quality of life. Offering everything from advanced oral hygiene products to comprehensive health monitoring applications, the diversity on display was remarkable.

The North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center was abuzz with innovative products that reshaped our relationship with health and wellness.

An array of exhibitors represented leading health systems and companies, including Smarthealth Ascension, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Providence Health, showcasing an array of care products, analytical tools, and health services.

A number of products made their remarkable debut at the show, demonstrating how technology can profoundly influence our health. To guide our readers, we’ve highlighted several standout health tech innovations that captured significant attention at CES 2022.

health tech ascension

Image: Vivoo Health and Wellness App


Vivoo’s wellness tracker offers a revolutionary approach to health monitoring by analyzing key markers in a user’s urine sample. Leveraging machine learning and imagery analysis, it provides personalized nutritional and lifestyle recommendations. Users can monitor indicators such as urine pH, levels of calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, and hydration status, empowering them to make more informed health decisions.

The Y-Brush

Innovated by French dental professionals, The Y-Brush reinvents oral hygiene by delivering a comprehensive tooth cleaning in just 10 seconds. With its unique design featuring 35,000 nylon bristles, it aims to eliminate plaque effectively while accommodating different jaw shapes. The product is available in models for both adults and children, representing a breakthrough in dental care efficiency.

health tech CES 2022

Image: Care Wear

Care Wear

Endorsed both by the FDA and the European Union, Care Wear presents a wearable therapeutic solution based on light therapy. It’s engineered to assist in treating soft tissue injuries, wrinkles, and acne. When integrated with digital health systems, patients gain real-time access to clinician consultation and crucial health care guidance via an associated app, paving the way for effective treatment and prevention strategies.


Humetrix provides an AI-driven platform contributing to Covid-19 detection efforts, enhancing the global pandemic response. In collaboration with other technologies and services, it plays a pivotal role in pinpointing populations at heightened risk of infection and optimizing vaccination strategies nationwide.

Every Dose

Employing AI technology, Every Dose offers a solution focused on meticulous medication management, thereby reducing the common pitfalls associated with medication adherence. Users benefit from an intuitive platform that ensures their medication schedules are followed to the letter.

These health technology advancements, debuted at CES 2022, are indicative of the broader strides in innovation achieved by the global community. The presented products, services, and solutions at this event signified a crucial leap forward in health tech progress.

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