Real-Time Conversation Translations? Samsung Galaxy’s AI Has You Covered


Artificial intelligence continues to captivate the tech realm, and the Samsung Galaxy’s AI innovations refuse to let the fascination wane. Enlightening the masses about its advancements in AI, Samsung has introduced Samsung Gauss, inspired by esteemed mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss. This nod to a historical genius underscores the AI’s robust mathematical heritage. The exhaustive feature set of Samsung Gauss remains under wraps, but teasers and blog updates have spotlighted intriguing functionalities, such as the AI’s capability to translate conversations in real time during calls.

Insights into the Samsung Galaxy’s AI innovations were put under the spotlight at the Samsung AI Forum 2023, organized by Samsung Electronics, with contributions from experts such as Dr. Hyung Won Chung, representatives from Open AI, and academics from leading institutions like Seoul National University and KAIST. Shifting focus from the AI realm to the present offerings, we delve into the specifics of how the Galaxy AI will enhance user experience.

Samsung Galaxy AI Debuts as Samsung Gauss

Anticipation mounts as the Samsung Galaxy’s S24 release nears in January 2024. Pegged as a mobile revolutionizer, the upcoming phone promises an amalgamation of on-device AI and cloud-powered intelligence, ensuring seamless AI interaction. The Samsung Gauss will encompass language, coding, and image modules, each harmonically intertwined to leapfrog the capabilities of the Galaxy S24 and its successors.

A deep-dive into the forthcoming AI update suggests that the generative language model will aid in content creation and translation, while the coding assistant supports developers in easing their workflow. Samsung’s AI Red Team is also reportedly hard at work, evaluating the Galaxy AI’s stance on security and privacy—a pivotal concern for users.

AI Live Translate Call: A Sneak Peek into Seamless Translations During Calls

Samsung has rolled out an innovative use case for its Galaxy AI by announcing the AI Live Translate Call feature, envisaged to offer real-time translation for voice calls. The functionality integrates a personal translator within the phone’s call system, providing instantaneous audio and subtitle translations. The technology operates exclusively on-device, eschewing cloud reliance, thereby underscoring privacy and data sovereignty.

“Mobile technology has always been at the forefront of connection and innovation. With Galaxy AI, we’re unveiling our most ambitious intelligence suite yet, which promises to redefine the role of smartphones in our lives.”

— Wonjoon Choi, EVP and Head of R&D, Mobile eXperience Business

While intriguing, the real-world application of live translation technology will require refinement, considering the complexities of dialogues in various contexts. Samsung Gauss is already being leveraged for enhancing employee productivity within Samsung, signaling an active pursuit of AI’s generative potential. The anticipation for the Samsung Galaxy S24 is quite palpable, heralding an era of innovative tech experiences.

Upcoming AI Developments as We Await the Arrival of the Galaxy AI Phone

In the run-up to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy AI, there are other AI revolutions to keep an eye on, like the imminent release of the Humane AI Pin. A device intended to supplant smartphones, the Humane AI Pin promises to project data and scan surroundings—all while affixed to your attire. The Verge describes the $699 wearable, which operates on a T-Mobile network and pairs with a $24 monthly Humane subscription.

It may sound like a futuristic dream, but the Humane AI Pin is a reality that invites us to reimagine the landscape of smart wearables. Meanwhile, Google is refining its generative AI search capabilities, Apple is funneling millions into AI enhancements, Musk introduces Grok to revamp social media interaction, and OpenAI’s GPT4 accelerates the evolution of AI technology. With the AI frenzy in full swing, Samsung’s AI Live Translate Call is a compelling feature, but to compete in the bustling AI marketplace, the Galaxy AI will need to bring its A-game once it hits the shelves.

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