Pixel Buds Pro: Google’s Latest Audio Innovation


As spring blossoms, Google heralds its own fresh release with the Pixel Buds Pro, set to hit the shelves later this month. The buildup to its launch has been invigorating, particularly with a flurry of leaked images setting the internet abuzz. Dive into an insightful exposition of what might just be Google’s most fascinating product roll-out in recent memory.

The Evolution: How Do the New Pixel Buds Pro Stand Out from Their Predecessors?

Reflecting on the debut of Google’s original Pixel Buds five years prior, alongside the esteemed Pixel 2 series, yields a bitter-sweet nostalgia. The Pixel 2 swiftly captivated users, while the Pixel Buds struggled to soar to the same heights, dashed by high anticipations.

Within a scant few weeks, disillusionment overshadowed the Pixel Buds’ initial allure. Delving into this shortfall reveals several pivotal critique points:

  • The bulky carrying case was less than a hit with the style-conscious.
  • A tethering wire between the earbuds dampened the thrill of going wireless.
  • With a price unable to rival the concurrently released Apple’s AirPods, competition was stiff.

Fast forward to 2019, and Google’s second iteration of the Pixel Buds arrived, boasting intelligent features and seamless Google Assistant harmony. Despite an array of impressive qualities like snug fit, minimized case, and innovative concepts, it stumbled post-launch, marred by:

  • Spotty Bluetooth connections in densely populated locations.
  • An irksome hum disrupting silent moments, coupled with a non-detachable wingtip design.

A Glimpse into Pixel Buds Pro’s Noteworthy Enhancements

The latest iteration of the Pixel Buds series emerges with thrilling new features, setting itself apart in the audio gear space. Let’s scrutinize these cutting-edge enhancements:

Pixel Buds Pro

Google is gearing up for the grand unveiling of the Pixel Buds Pro, poised to carve a niche in the competitive wireless earbuds market.

  • Extended Battery Life: Google pledges a substantial battery boost, promising up to 11 hours of captivating sound, whether with Active Noise Cancellation activated or not, plus the case delivers an extra two full earbud charges.
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC): Extensive internal redesign of the Pixel Buds has been undertaken to encompass this sought-after attribute alongside a ‘transparency’ mode.
  • Quick Wireless Charging: Google boasts that a mere five-minute charge of the buds will provide listeners with roughly an hour of playtime, contingent on the speed of USB charging.
  • Intuitive Gesture Control: Full command over your listening experience is embodied with smooth gesture functionalities.
  • Symmetrical Design: Ingeniously allows the user to switch between buds without missing a beat.
  • Flawless Operation: Ensures that interactions with buttons and touch controls are seamless and straightforward.

Pricing and Availability of Google Pixel Buds Pro

Google Buds Pro

The imminent launch of Google’s Pixel Buds Pro is set to shake the wireless earbuds scene, with hopes to secure a considerable market segment.

Audiophiles worldwide are abuzz with anticipation for Google’s Pixel Buds Pro, retailing at $199.99. July 28 heralds its official entry into the market, where consumers can choose from four vibrant color options: Coral, Lemongrass, Fog, and Charcoal.

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