Nintendo Switch Teases PlayStation with Cross-Platform Play Promotion


The ethos of the contemporary video game universe is encapsulated by the rallying cry – Create Together, Explore Together, Survive Together. Or to put it succinctly, Better Together! A recent advert by the Nintendo Switch, which embraces its fierce market rival, the Xbox One, serves as an unexpected yet refreshing twist in the high-stakes realm of video game marketing.

Nintendo Switch unveiled a succinct 34-second spot showcasing the Minecraft update, which is viewable above or on its dedicated YouTube channel. In doing so, the company pulled off a clever marketing maneuver realizing two objectives in one fell swoop.

The advert features players clutching separate gaming systems – one with a PlayStation 4 and another with a Nintendo Switch. This positioned Nintendo as an advocate for cross-platform play alongside Xbox One within Minecraft – a feature that has united gamers across Switch, Xbox One, Windows 10, VR, and mobile devices since last year’s introduction of the Better Together update.

Simultaneously, the commercial doesn’t shy away from delivering a pointed critique at Sony’s stance on preferring isolation over cross-platform interaction in the gaming community – a move which notably excludes PlayStation 4 from the merry band of interconnected consoles.

The Gaming Sphere Applauds the Combined Advertisement

While the combo-advertisement by Nintendo and Xbox One could be interpreted as somewhat provocative, the online reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. Gamers are embracing this display of camaraderie in what’s traditionally been a cut-throat competition.

Nintendo of America reached out via Twitter to Xbox, proposing a cooperative build in Minecraft, eliciting a spirited response from the Xbox account: “Our bodies are ready. What are we building?”

As part of this fresh endeavor, Minecraft, available for $29.99 on the Switch, chimed in with a playful tweet featuring a heart-shaped block image.

The alliance between Microsoft and Nintendo has not only garnered the support of the gaming community but has also initiated a wave of positive sentiments with gamers exclaiming, “This is a brave new world” and “The console wars are finally coming to an end”. The support often comes with a side of playful jabs at Sony, suggesting a sense of exclusion from this newly forged unity amongst gamers and industry giants alike.

Other Cross-Play Ventures between Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Titles such as Rocket League, Chess Ultra, Mantis Burn Racing, Pinball FX, and Fortnite, along with the newly refreshed Minecraft, already facilitate cross-play between Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, with these titles often being available on additional platforms such as Mac and PC.

Encouraged by this trend, other game developers are looking to implement cross-play features in their offerings. Upcoming games set to embrace this platform-agnostic approach include Crazy Justice, Gunscape, Trailblazers, and Hover.

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