Insights on Fortifying Digital Defenses with Mark Hughes


In a candid discussion with Technowize, Mark Hughes, the leading security expert and President of Security at DXC Technology, shares his insights on the proactive pursuit of robust cyber resilience in the tech realm. DXC Technology prioritizes security in every aspect, striving to embed it deeply into the fabric of the digital environment. Discover Mark Hughes’s perspective on DXC’s dedicated cyber resilience initiative and how it’s revolutionizing their protective measures.

Mark Hughes of DXC Technology

Mark Hughes, security visionary and President at DXC Technology

Technowize: Could you enlighten our readers regarding the aim and structure of DXC’s cyber resilience program?

Mark Hughes: At the forefront of DXC Technology’s operations is the concept of cyber resilience. As complexity and threats grow, it’s crucial that organizations broaden their focus from traditional cybersecurity measures to the fundamental principles of cyber resilience.

Security isn’t just a feature—it’s an integral component woven throughout an organization’s entire IT ecosystem, including in-house and third-party operations. DXC’s strategy entails building a security baseline that’s implicitly integrated into all company activities, forging an inherently resilient enterprise.

Technowize: How does DXC address the broad implications of competing, contributing, and operating securely in this industry?

Mark Hughes: At DXC, addressing security imperatives involves a multi-tiered approach. With unparalleled partnerships across governments and data intelligence, DXC boasts exceptional insights into the cyber security environment.

Leveraging such insights is critical. DXC employs a comprehensive, behaviorally intelligent program—not just tech-focused—which springs into action in the event of an incident to protect both the company and its clientele efficiently and effectively.

Technowize: What proactive steps should IT leaders take to shield smaller enterprises from cyber threats?

Mark Hughes: IT complexities can mount rapidly across all business sizes. Companies must first assess their assets, recognize potential risks, and then devise a security plan encompassing controls that proportionately manage and mitigate those risks. The nature of a business—regardless of size—will dictate its tolerance for risk, as certain security breaches carry a heavier weight in some sectors than in others.

Nowadays, smaller enterprises can access solutions with built-in security measures. The key is implementing the technologies correctly to maximize protection.

Technowize: How can Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) lead the way in data and analytics within the industry?

Mark Hughes: Data sits at the core of security. Identifying subtle hints within vast data sets is what enables an organization to foresee and fend off cyberattacks. Thus, incorporating analytics into a security framework is essential, allowing for the swift processing of data using AI tools and other technologies.

Access to the right data and analytics capabilities is crucial for recognizing those critical signals, giving organizations the valuable time needed to address impending threats. Modern CISOs recognize this and can utilize an array of available tools for effective data analysis.

Technowize: Looking forward, what are the future plans for DXC Technology’s security initiatives?

Mark Hughes: DXC’s security endeavors remain steadfastly focused on all facets of cyber resilience. By laying a strong security foundation and continually building upon it, the firm is better positioned to analyze threats and, in many cases, preempt potential breaches.

By marrying foundational security controls with a team of astute analysts, DXC transforms data into actionable intelligence, safeguarding clients. This strategy is bolstered by DXC’s extensive perspective as a leading infrastructure provider, granting unique insights that give them an edge over adversaries.

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