Fresh Glimpse of Samsung’s Upcoming Flat Display on the Galaxy S24


As the new year approaches, tech enthusiasts are eager for the unveiling of the latest devices, with rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S24 gaining momentum. The device seems to be shifting gears from Samsung’s recent Flip and Fold adventures, aligning more with the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s legacy. Although speculation places the Galaxy S24’s debut around January 17, there’s ample buzz about the gadget’s features and technical specifications to keep the curiosity piqued in the meantime.

Flat Displays Making a Comeback with the Samsung Galaxy S24?

Chatter around the Samsung Galaxy S24 has been scarce, yet impactful. Images surfaced by Twitter user David Martin and further substantiated by tech commentator Ice Universe have fueled discussions on the matter.

The standout feature of the Galaxy S24, based on the whispers, is the shift away from curved screens, a design Samsung has notably embraced in the past. This aesthetic choice has lent a sleek, modern look to their devices, but it appears that Samsung is considering a return to the simplicity and practicality of flat screens, according to recent leaks. This move has certainly sparked mixed reactions among aficionados of the brand’s traditional curve.

Although the lack of curves suggests a bulkier handset, it’s not necessarily the case that the device’s dimensions have expanded. Reports, including one from 9to5Google, speculate about a titanium-frame edge for the Galaxy S24, reminiscent of the frame found on the iPhone 15 Pro. However, the truth behind these leaked images will only be clear once Samsung itself chimes in.

Additional Insights into the Samsung Galaxy S24 Features

Apart from design, not much else is known about the Galaxy S24 series. Leaks suggest that Samsung isn’t planning a radical change in the camera department, opting to stick with the recognizable metal-ringed, rear-facing camera setup from previous models. Furthermore, rumors hint at a special Instagram camera shortcut right on the lock screen, which could be a treat for social media enthusiasts.

GSM Arena has covered potential hardware specifications, noting that the S24 and S24+ might retain a hint of curvature unlike the Ultra version. Although initial images depict a white variant, a quartet of color options may emerge, with some exclusively offered through Samsung’s own retail channels.

Brightness levels for the S24 Ultra could reach a remarkable 2500 nits, outshining the S23’s capabilities. A Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset is expected to be at the core, with storage possibilities stretching up to a colossal 2TB for the Ultra model. The lower-tier models might feature the Exynos 2400 chips, differentiating from their premier sibling.

Pay Attention to Samsung’s AI Advances

Samsung has been making waves with its proprietary AI technology, poised to include a live translation feature of phone calls offering real-time captions. The Samsung Gauss AI suite is divided into three specialist areas—language, coding, and imagery—poised to facilitate a multitude of tasks for the user.

While the integration level of this AI into the Galaxy S24 remains uncertain, the buzz suggests it could be a defining feature. Price predictions for the Galaxy S24 Ultra hover between $1,199 and $1,399, with a launch date rumored for January 17 and potential in-store availability slated for January 30. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd has been distinguished as a “Global Top 5” brand, and with the anticipated releases of 2024, the conglomerate is likely to maintain its esteemed position.

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