Excitement Builds as Super Nintendo World Prepares to Open at Universal Studios Hollywood


Excitement is reaching new heights for fans of the beloved Super Nintendo World. The much-anticipated US debut of the park is set for 2023 at Universal Studios Hollywood. This will mark a new era of immersive theme park experiences, uniting families and friends in a realm inspired by Nintendo’s timeless video games and characters.

Guests will be enchanted by the spectacularly vibrant colors, state-of-the-art rides, and interactive zones. Moreover, dedicated shopping and dining venues will offer a delectable taste of Nintendo’s universe, ensuring that every visitor can indulge in their favorite aspects of the games.

Inside the park’s stores, you’ll be welcomed by a cornucopia of Super Nintendo-inspired merchandise, from the iconic costumes of Mario and Luigi to hats and plushies shaped like Bowser, Yoshi, and others. These collectibles come in a variety of sizes, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for everyone who walks through their doors.

“Nintendo World Japan” paved the way in 2021, standing as the most expansive Nintendo park to date. Despite various setbacks, it swung open its doors to resounding applause, offering fans an opportunity to lose themselves in this extraordinary world.

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios

Currently, the grounds of Nintendo Universal Studios Hollywood are buzzing with activity as the last touches are put in place. This awe-inspiring park is swiftly taking form, with exciting new features being added every day.

One can already glimpse the towering green mountains and the stately structure that seems to usher visitors into Mario Kart ride as Bowser’s castle. Not to mention the multi-hued peaks serving as a picturesque backdrop for the park’s landscape.

As the project proceeds, the framework for Mario Kart Bowser’s Challenge and the concluding section of Bowser’s Castle is clearly coming to life. There’s a keen anticipation for more creative elements to grace this land in the near future.

When we juxtapose the upcoming park at Universal Studios Hollywood with its Japanese counterpart, it’s evident that the Hollywood park will be more compact. Nonetheless, the Japanese park impresses with its expansive layout and fresh attractions, such as Yoshi’s Adventure and Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge, which have generated significant buzz.

Universal Studios Hollywood, although renowned for its magical experiences, faces the challenge of limited expansion space. Thus, they’ve had to balance maintaining the essence of the park with the spatial constraints, which involved remodeling some studio sound stages into ingenious design solutions to accommodate the new attractions.

Notably, Yoshi’s Adventure is conspicuously absent from the construction plans—a decision that may disappoint some, though official confirmation is yet to be provided. Enthusiasts await further updates from Universal Studios Hollywood with bated breath.

The grand unveiling of Super Nintendo World in 2023 is poised to captivate Nintendo aficionados worldwide. Visitors will immerse themselves in attractions, secure treasures adorned with their cherished Nintendo characters, and partake in a wealth of engaging activities suitable for every age. In essence, this iconic park is gearing up to deliver an unforgettable odyssey to each and every guest.

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