Disney Celebrates a Century of Magic with an Exclusive 100-Film Blu-ray Anthology


Reaching the venerable age of 100 is a milestone worth commemorating, and The Walt Disney Company is poised to do just that. With its centennial anniversary on the horizon, set for October 16, the entertainment giant has unveiled plans to release an exclusive 100-movie Blu-ray anthology on November 14, marking a century since its founding in 1923.

At the much-anticipated Destination D23 expo held at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Disney shared details about the release of its Disney Legacy Animated Film Anthology, a compilation of one hundred movies encompassing both Disney and Pixar classics. This collectors’ edition will be up for early ordering on the Walmart platform starting September 18 and will hit the shelves come November.

Peek Inside the Disney Legacy Animated Film Anthology

This prized Blu-ray anthology will be presented across three durable, standalone tomes, each housing a selection of animated Disney and Pixar films on Blu-ray. Original movie posters complete with release timelines will grace the collection, and each set will be bundled with digital download codes and a numbered authenticity certificate. An added bonus for enthusiastic collectors is the inclusion of a lithograph poster connected to the anticipated release of Disney’s Wish.

Moreover, an intricately crafted crystal cap fashioned in the likeness of Mickey Mouse ears, embellished with the iconic Disney100 logo, will feature among the collectible treasures. The anthology is presented in an elegant white and gold ensemble, reflecting its exclusive, limited-edition status, tagged with a premium price of $1500.

What Films Can You Expect in the Disney 100 Blu-ray Anthology?

Per an announcement by The Wrap, the anthology’s filmography goes as far back as 1937, featuring the groundbreaking Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, and includes gems like Saludos Amigos from 1943, and Make Mine Music (1946). Contemporary box office sensations like the Frozen and Toy Story sagas are also included, alongside Pixar’s latest 2023 title, Elemental. Cult classics like Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas and the intriguing Black Cauldron (1985) round out the selection.

Speculation is rife about whether this anthology will present the movies in updated 4K quality, especially since Disney has recently put out a remastered 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in October. Exclusive platinum collectible editions of other Disney classics have also been independently released. This ambitious Blu-ray anthology seems to be part of a grander strategy to rejuvenate and celebrate Disney’s rich and storied cinematic heritage.

More Noteworthy Announcements from Destination D23

The Disney Legacy Animated Film Anthology is just one of the thrilling news items for Disney animation enthusiasts. The animated feature Wish is generating considerable excitement ahead of its November theatrical debut, with attendees at the event getting a sneak peek of the first ten minutes. A new short titled Once Upon a Studio is also on the horizon, bringing together a star-studded cast reprising beloved characters for a behind-the-scenes adventure.

Further, the live-action adaptation of Haunted Mansion is set for an October 4 Disney+ premiere, later to be available in 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD formats on October 17. This is part of Disney’s ongoing push to expand its live-action catalogue, despite mixed reactions, with a Snow White feature slated for 2024. Pixar’s Elemental will also make its way to Disney+ and physical media soon, accompanied by a documentary detailing its production process.

While updates for Marvel and Star Wars content remained modest, due partly to the current entertainment industry strikes, Disney remains focused on reigniting passion for its animated achievements. The Disney Legacy Animated Film Anthology is poised to be a memorial to an incredible century of storytelling, presenting fans with a price point indicative of its scarcity and nostalgia value.

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