Apple Unveils Groundbreaking AR-Based RoomPlan for iPhone


Unleash your creative potential with Apple’s RoomPlan, a Swift API marvel that transforms indoor design visionaries into reality. With the latest enhancement in Apple’s augmented reality technology, Shopify has outdone itself, crafting a cutting-edge tool that’s not just for tech enthusiasts but also for the hands of interior decorators, artists, and architects.

RoomPlan API

The innovative augmentation of reality presents the RoomPlan API.

RoomPlan – Your New Renovation Companion

During the celebrated WWDC 2022 event at Apple Park, California, the tech giant unveiled this cutting-edge API, showcasing its myriad of ingenious capabilities. The RoomPlan API is poised to revolutionize the way we use mobile applications with its expansive potential.

RoomPlan’s Magic Explained

The latest buzz in the tech domain, RoomPlan leverages augmented reality to revolutionize your room remodeling experience, making it effortlessly seamless. This mighty API eliminates the need to shift anything in your space. Simply put, RoomPlan invites you to digitally tour your newly envisioned space, exploring how different furniture placements or color schemes could look. Planning is made easy with this intuitive room simulation.

Shopify Roomplan API Apple AR

Shopify’s app showcase, featuring the Space Eraser innovation, lets viewers envision their rooms sans furniture.

Shopify’s Demo App Raises the Curtain on a New Reality

Shopify’s recent demo has left audiences in awe, presenting a pristine canvas of your room to inspire your furniture and decor purchase journey, courtesy of this custom-built technology. Along with Shopify, several apps are contemplating integrating this top-shelf AR tool into their platforms to enhance user experience.

Taking a step ahead of IKEA, which has attempted a similar venture using ARKit since its release by Apple, Shopify’s RoomPlan API application has mastered creating more sophisticated and detailed 3D room models unlike IKEA’s 2D only reproductions. Its role as a “reset button” for virtual space planning really stands out.

The virtuoso behind Shopify’s innovation, Russ Maschmeyer, describes the Space Eraser as a system that authentically captures room features in rich detail—dimensions, placement, and orientation. It feels like a “lifelike digital twin of your room,” overlaying digital edits onto actual space with perfect execution.

Although currently in demo phase, this feature has already stirred considerable excitement. Stay tuned as we pledge to deliver the latest scoop on its finished look. Developers are the exclusive early birds as of now, but anticipation is high for its future availability on iPhones and iPads too.

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