Anticipation Grows for New iMac Reveals in the Upcoming Year


As the current year edges closer to its conclusion, rumors are abuzz that Apple may still have a surprise up its sleeve, potentially unveiling a new iMac in 2023. Following the release of the iPhone 15, which made waves in the market despite its slight issues with durability and temperature management, Apple may not be resting on its laurels. This comes after their new MacBook Pro models with 14-inch and 16-inch screens launched in January 2023. In a recent note, Bloomberg’s trusted analyst Mark Gurman hinted at the potential end of October revelation for an iMac update in 2023.

Insights on the Forthcoming iMac

Gossip suggests that the new iMac, a 24-inch version expected to round off the year, may be introduced to replace its predecessor from 2021. Fans are eager for a chipset upgrade, hoping that the previous M1 chip will make way for something more current—perhaps even leapfrogging to the M3, according to speculation by tech enthusiasts and media such as The Verge, though this has not been confirmed.

Gurman’s track record as a reputable Bloomberg correspondent and his inside knowledge on Apple make it highly plausible that we’ll see the upgrade. Delays in some Apple product shipments and a shift in the reporting of quarterly earnings further fuel speculation that new releases are imminent.

A Peek at Future Apple Innovations

While details about the 2023 iMac are scarce, it’s expected to primarily focus on the new chipset. Gurman’s predictions extend into 2024 and beyond, eyeing fresh iPad releases in early spring, and possibly the largest iMac in history—a 32-inch Pro model—by early 2025. In addition, we might soon see a new mixed reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro, emerge in the early part of next year.

Apple’s Steps into AI

Besides hardware improvements, Apple is also keenly developing its AI capabilities. Efforts to advance technology like the Apple GPT and Siri as well as their upcoming AI integrations in Apple Music, AppleCare, Xcode, and Pages reflect the company’s commitment to innovation. With their Large Language Model, Ajax, taking center stage, the tech giant seems poised to make significant strides in AI.

With these scheduled launches and ongoing advancements in AI, Apple is working to maintain its leading position by constantly bringing new experiences to consumers. While its previous releases have generally been well-received, the anticipated iMac in 2023 and what follows in the next year will be a true test of balancing quality with frequent updates.

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