Adorable Retro-Inspired Mini Macintosh Charger for Apple Devotees


For aficionados of Apple who thought they had every conceivable accessory comes a delightful find: the Mini Macintosh USB-C Charger. It is an homage to the classic Macintosh design, and its delightful appearance ensures you’ll desire one plugged into every available socket in your home.

This charming little gadget is designed to work with all Macs and PCs, offering versatile use that includes juicing up your iPhone, iPad, or any other device with a USB-C connection.

The pint-sized charger is an ideal companion for those needing a portable charging solution for their laptop or phone, eliminating the need for lugging around a cumbersome power brick.

For the Apple enthusiast, the true joy of an iPhone is the seamless integration into your life, including the convenience of charging it with a small yet potent charger.

apple usb c charger

The Mini Macintosh USB-C Charger embodies the perfect combination of function and nostalgia for committed Apple users. It’s incredibly portable, ready to slip into a pocket or purse, yet its charging capability can keep your phone powered throughout the day.

For those eager to embrace their passion for the brand, the Mini Macintosh Apple type C Charger adds a whimsical twist to their tech repertoire.

Exploring the Macintosh Apple USB-C Charger

Brought to life by Shargeek, this mini charger utilizes gallium nitride — a component commonly found in high-grade third-party chargers — to house a surprising amount of power in a small form factor.

Dubbed the Retro 35 GAN, this charger imitates the iconic look of the classic Mac, with a 35W output that’s capable of charging just about any tech device you own.

This little powerhouse features a full-sized USB port for universal charging appeal, and sports an adorable screen with customizable stickers available via a provided QR code.

Beyond its charging prowess, the Mini Macintosh USB-C iPhone Charger brings a touch of retro flair to your tech collection and supports all Apple-based devices.

The device also includes a display with colorful LED indicators to show charging progress, with colors varying from white (no charge), yellow (standard charging), blue (fast charging), to green (super charging), and it weighs a mere 70 grams.

The concept for this charger took shape in September 2021, with development milestones progressing through design and sample production, culminating in a packaging design in April 2022. An IndieGoGo campaign launched in May 2022, gathering momentum with over 1,300 backers and a closing date set for June. Post-campaign, shipments are scheduled to commence in July.

The charge’s preorder tiers include single purchases at $25, doubling up for $48, quadrupling for $96, and a ten-pack for $240, with anticipated delivery in July.

In Conclusion

The Mini Macintosh Apple USB-C Charger is a dream come true for iPhone and iPad owners seeking a convenient charging method that doesn’t involve a tangle of cords. Not to mention, it’s a delightful addition for anyone looking to inject a little vintage Apple charm into their cache of tech gear.

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