A Glimpse into the Future of Tech at IFA 2023 in Berlin


As a bellwether event in the realm of technology showcases, the IFA or “Internationale Funkausstellung” holds an iconic status and has been shaping tech trends in Berlin since 1924. As Europe’s answer to the CES stateside, the 2023 iteration of this landmark tech spectacle welcomed attendees on September 1, promising a weekend filled with technological wizardry until September 5. In anticipation, we’ve drawn together a list of some of the most exciting and innovative tech unveilings at IFA Berlin 2023.

Exciting Discoveries at IFA Berlin 2023

This year, Berlin’s IFA has carved out a niche as the platform for smart home innovation. The show arrives on the coattails of the launch of Matter – a pioneering initiative aimed at establishing a universal protocol for smart home devices. Last year’s showcase featured commitments from a multitude of companies pledging allegiance to this new standard.

The IFA show stands out for its tantalizing pre-releases of tech products, often by brands like Dolby Atmos, teeing up the official launches to come. The air buzzes with secrets yet to be revealed, setting the tech world abuzz with anticipation.

With no shortage of groundbreaking gadgets, here’s a rundown on some of the most talked-about products from IFA 2023.

Dish on the Latest Wireless Charging Solutions by Belkin at IFA Berlin

Belkin stepped out with new wireless charging innovations adhering to the Qi2 standard, featuring versatile products like the BoostCharge Convertible Qi2 Wireless Pad to Stand and the versatile BoostCharge Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad with Qi2. The convertible charger switches between pad and stand modes, while the 3-in-1 solution adds an extra USB-C port for additional charging options.

“Our Qi2 chargers will deliver a full 15W of power to both MagSafe iPhones and any Qi2-compatible devices.”

Beyond chargers, Belkin’s IFA reveal also included a fusion charger – part wall charger, part power bank – and a plethora of other accessories like the BoostCharge Pro Universal Easy Align Wireless Charging Pad 15W, a mouthful of a name for sure, the Connect 5-in-1 Thunderbolt 4 Hub, and an impressively powerful wall charger.

Urbanista’s Solar Bluetooth Speakers Bathed in Spotlight at the Tech Event

Urbanista proudly showcased their new ‘Malibu’ Solar Bluetooth speakers, emblematic of their dedication to overcoming the inherent challenges of designing solar-powered electronics.

“Although wireless headphones can maximize power efficiency, a solar Bluetooth speaker like [Malibu] faces greater power demands due to its louder output.”

Urbanista’s R&D team has focused on power optimization to maximize the effectively fresh ‘Malibu’ speaker that harnesses solar power.

Marten Sahlen, a director at Urbanista, explained the efforts made to ensure product efficiency and benefit from solar energy.

The Spotlight Shines On Mophie’s Trio of Wireless Chargers at this Year’s IFA

Wasting no time, Mophie unveiled their newest wireless charging lineup at IFA, compatible with the Qi2 standard and capable of 15W charging power.

The collection includes the Snap Plus Powerstation Mini Stand, Snap Plus 3-in-1 Stand, and Snap Plus Wireless Charging Vent Mount, all poised for a market debut later this year.

Though Mophie’s announcement stayed mum on iPhone specifics, rumors abound that Apple’s iPhone 15 might embrace a non-MagSafe 15W charging capability in line with the second-gen Qi tech.

Roborock’s New Vacuum Series Makes a Clean Sweep at IFA Berlin

Known for their intelligent vacuum solutions, Roborock introduced three new models at IFA, distinguished by lidar technology and significantly enhanced suction power.

The range welcomes a new, more potent “fast-cleaning” feature and the innovative DuoRoller brush system for unprecedented cleaning efficiency and a bargain price point.

Yale’s Smartened Up Home Security Portfolio Arrives at Berlin’s Tech Expo

Yale’s new collection of home security products boasted compatibilities tailored for European users, featuring smart alarms, video doorbells, and both indoor and outdoor cameras.

Their Smart Video Doorbell brings high-definition monitoring to your doorstep, complete with crystal clear 1080p footage and an expansive field-of-view. Securing your home has never been more within view.

Revolutionizing the Foldable Phone Game: The Honor V Purse

Honor reimagined foldables with a chic twist, unveiling the alluring Honor V Purse alongside the new Honor Magic V2, both grabbing attention at Berlin’s IFA 2023.

The Honor V Purse, a concept for now, introduced a stylish angle to technological attire with its customizable straps and interactive wallpapers, transforming the device into a high-tech fashion statement.

Lenovo Amazes with the Legion 9i and Legion Go at IFA Berlin

Lenovo wowed audiences with its Legion 9i, the world’s first gaming laptop of its size to flirt with liquid-cooling tech that promises mind-blowing power and thermal management.

The Legion Go, Lenovo’s innovative response to portable PC gaming, promises to rival established players with its Nintendo Switch-like detachable controllers and the full capacity of Windows OS at your fingertips.

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